Losing weight after 40: 5 tips that are mostly used

Losing weight after 40: 5 tips that are mostly used

Plenty of people think that it is impossible to lose weight after 40. As a result, they give up even before trying.

I agree that losing weight is a bit harder after 40 because the body burn calories more slowly and your metabolism slows down.

In addition to the high level of stress you acquire and the muscle you lose.

These factors are mainly related to and affect each other.

Implying that, your stress affect the procedure of slowing the metabolism in your body.

Slowing the metabolism leads to muscle loss. As you realize it is a connected chain.

Despite all these factors that hinder your diet or way that you select to lose weight.

Your willing can beat these obstacles and you can lose weight.

Yes, it is hard but it is not impossible.

So what you should do to lose weight after 40?

I will give you some tips that have been used before. They proved their efficiency already.

As long as you follow the tips, you are on the right way to lose weight.

Here are the instructions

Tip 1: Create your strategic plan.

In this stage, your intention starts to appear which is losing weight. Thus, you will set your environment.

In other words, you will facilitate for yourself losing weight by comfort yourself.

It is all about management. You will conduct a long-term plan that will assist you in the future to achieve your goal.

First of all, you will need to set a goal. In this first stage, your goal is very obvious which is losing weight.

This goal has to be SMART. S stands for specific, M for measurable, A for attainable, R for relevant and T for timely.

This strategy eases for you the movement towards your goal.

Secondly, you need to conduct a vision, mission, and objective. Note that all the mentioned items need to be SMART.

1- Vision: to know to what extent you want to reach.

For example, you set for yourself a schedule which is after one month I will lose 9 pounds. This called a vision.

2- Mission: to know the methods and ways by which you can reach your goal.

For instance, you search for similar cases and get to know how they succeed to accomplish their target.

You should determine which path you will pick.

3- Objectives: in this stage, you define which methods you choose and why.

The ways you will choose have to be effective and efficient

For example, you decide to follow a fruit diet that was recommended by a person who suffers from the same case.

Finally, evaluate your effort.

Determine a specific time in which you check either you follow the conducted schedule or not.

If you are doing well as planned. Reward yourself.

Tip 2: Find a partner

Try to find a partner that motivates you to do the same thing daily.

As you know losing weight requires a lot of things to be done in order to success

These factors when you repeat it daily, they become so boring.

However, when you find someone who shares with you these boring periods.

Time becomes somehow interesting than the beginning.

Finding a partner will help you in many ways:

First of all, you will motivate each other.

For example, if you are lazy for a day, he or she will encourage you.

On the other hand, if he or she is lazy for a day, you will encourage him or her.

Not to mention that together you will increase the daily challenge to do something superior.

Secondly, overcome the routine.

As you know doing the same acts every day become a routine.

This routine sometimes retards many people from continuing their programs.

Therefore, when you find someone who shares with you this routine, it will be easier.

Tip 3: Start to work out!

After 40 you lose muscles automatically.

As a result, you need to build a strong body to compensate the muscle loss.

Most of the muscle loss converts to fats. Thus, you should work and practice hard to burn these fats and rebuild your muscles.

Another thing, you need to improve your physical performance or at least maintain your current.

You will achieve this by walking daily or keeping your body active. As you know when you get old your muscles start to become weaker.

Thus, you will be lazy. You won’t want to perform effort even a daily walk.

Tip 4: Customize your food

You become mature enough to differentiate between kinds of food.

You are able to know what benefit you and what harm you.

If you doubt about a kind of food which you do not know event it’s beneficial or harmful.

Check with a specialist or even check google. You will find a lot of resources and information that can assist.

You need to pick up a certain food diet in which you enjoy the food you diet with.

In addition to ignoring each food that makes you gain weight. For example, sweeteners, jars of butter and dairies.

Try to stuck with food that full of protein and Omega 3. Mainly fish contains both.

Trout diet is a great one you can follow.

Protein makes you full and does not want to eat for a long time.

Omega 3 affects your health in several ways.

Firstly, in mental health. It improves your brain functions.

Secondly, physical performance. It enhances your physical activities. Implying that, providing you with the required energy.

Not to mention, you ought to drink water much at such an age. Water satisfy you and make you full for a while.

Tip 5: Sleep very well

There is nothing to add in this point because as it seems it is very clear. You need to sleep very well at this age.

Sleeping will facilitate for you a lot of things.


Deciding to lose weight after 40 is an easy matter but executing requires effort.

Losing weight after 40 is not impossible but it is hard somehow.

You need to have a full plan in order to succeed in accomplishing your target.

There are 5 tips will facilitate for you your weight loss plan.

Tip 1: Create your strategic plan.

Tip 2: Find a partner

Tip 3: Start to work out!

Tip 4: Customize your food

Tip 5: Sleep very well

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