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Cinnamon and cumin drink for fat burn

Cinnamon and cumin drink for fat burn

There are many drinks help in burning fat, one of them is cinnamon and cumin drink is a magic solution for reducing the fat from the buttocks area.

They both improve digestion and overall metabolism on the cellural level.

Nutrition experts advise drinking this recipe, especially because it helps to strengthen the immune system, appetite close and burning fats.

It also keeps the joints away from the inflammation.

Its benefits can make you keep having it every day.

First I will show you the benefits of cinnamon, then the benefits of cumin and in the end, I will provide the ingredients of the cinnamon and cumin drink.

The benefits of cinnamon:

cinnamon diet

Cinnamon always used in medicine to beat weight gain due to its great health benefit.

Not to mention its warming taste, refreshing smell and the easy use of it.

According to a study, cinnamon ranks the first place among 26 of the popular herbs and the medical spices in the world as its high level of antioxidant.

Nutrition Benefits of one tablespoon of Cinnamon Summarized in:

1- 19 calories

2- 0 grams of fat, sugar, or protein

3- 4 grams of fiber

4- 68% manganese

5- 8% calcium

6- 4% iron

7- 3% Vitamin K

Cinnamon also contains:

1- A high level of Antioxidants:

According to OTAC scale, which measures antioxidants concentration of foods, the cinnamon ranks #7 of all spices, herbs, and foods all over the world.

Also, cinnamon’s antioxidants help in reducing a multitude of symptoms and diseases because of its free-radical-scavengers.

In addition to its ability to reduce stresses and limit the building up of nitric oxide in the blood.

2- Anti-inflammatory Properties:

The cinnamon’s antioxidants have anti-inflammatory effects which decrease heart diseases risk, cancer and more.

Studies said that there are seven kinds of flavonoid compounds in cinnamon.

Flavonoid is considered the best weapon to fight all inflammation levels in the body.

Due to the great effect of cinnamon in beating inflammations, it can control our pains.

According to studies, the cinnamon helps in relieving muscles soreness and treat any symptoms related to pain.

3- Fight diabetes:

You know, the cinnamon plays a big role in controlling blood sugar and improving the sensitivity of insulin. It keeps the balance sugar level in your blood.

Cinnamon helps in blocking alanines, the enzyme responsible for sugar absorption into the blood.

Studies show that people with diabetes 2 and always drink cinnamon have positive effects on decreasing blood sugar.

Another benefit of having cinnamon is it combats heart diseases and decreases LDL cholesterol levels.

The benefits of cumin:

cumin seeds for weight loss

First, I want to provide some information about the origin of cumin, scientifically known as Cuminum Cyminum and belongs to the Apiaceae family.

In India and some countries in Asia used to use its culinary practices. If you are one of the people who have a bad idea about cumin, I want to show you its benefits in the following sentences:

1- cumin treats digestion:

Cumin is a good treatment for digestion, the oil in the cumin activates the salivary glands in the mouth which helps in the primary digestion process.

There is another effective compound in cumin called thymol, this thymol helps in stimulating the glands to secrete acid, enzymes, and bile which responsible for the digestion process in the stomach and the intestines.

2- cumin treats insomnia:

Cumin has a strange property as it helps in relaxation and used as a stimulant as well.

Studies showed that having vitamins (especially vitamin B-complex) and proper digestion process help in sleeping soundly.

And that what the cumin do, cumin essential oil helps in relieving stress and anxiety which causes insomnia.

3- cumin supports immunity system:

Cumin has an abundance of iron, essential oils, vitamin A, and vitamin C which support the immunity system.

Also, vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the body and supports the white blood to do its function properly which affect the immunity system positively.

After knowing the benefits of cinnamon and cumin, I advise you to keep having cinnamon and cumin drink daily and enjoy its delicious taste.


1- 1 Tablespoon of crushed ginger

2- 1 Quarter Tablespoon of cinnamon

3- 1 Cup boiling water

4- 1 Tablespoon of ground cumin

5- 1 Lemon


Add ginger, cinnamon, cumin, and lemon to the boiled water and keep it for 10 minutes.

Add honey if needed.

Make sure to drink it half an hour before each meal.

Pregnant ladies and who suffer from stomach ulcers are prohibited from drinking the cinnamon and cumin mix as it could cause more stomach ache for them.

Don’t drink it on empty stomach, and drink plenty of water at the morning to adjust stomach acidity.

Now, You know all the benefits of this recipe and know how to prepare it, I will be so glad if you share your experience with us, shares and comments are welcome.

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