Various type of food and methods for gain weight in a short period

Various type of food and methods for gain weight in a short period

Some bodies used to preserve their weight, so some people find a difficulty to gain weight on purpose to obtain the desired weight. So, we will present various types of food in order to guide you for gaining weight.

After that, we will put these types into meals for providing real examples.

Then, we will provide tips for gaining weight. In other words, we will help you as much as we can to reach the weight that you want feasibly.

Firstly, there are some different types of food have a vital role to gain weight.


We can consider the rice as an effective source for carbohydrates which have a role in weight gain.

Besides, we already know that How the number of calories affects our weight. So, we recommend rice because every cup of it includes 200 calories.

So, if you want to gain weight through rice, you can enroll it to your three meals. In other words, make it a fundamental part of your meals.

Red meat

The effectiveness of red meat is existing in the content. In other words, red meat includes two important elements for weight gain which are leucine and creatine.

Both of them have a vital role to boost the muscles’ mass. After they participated in muscles building, the body gains weight.

In addition to that, all types of red meat as steak have a good amount of protein and fats which promoting weight gain.


It is rich in fats, so it is a good assistant in your gain weight’s plan.

In addition to that, six ounces of salmon include 240 calories which enhance its choosing to gain weight.

On the positive side, this type of fish includes Omega-3 fatty acids which have a healthy role.

In other words, Omega-3 fatty acids found which is founded in fish oils have the ability to protect your heart.


Besides that starches includes the number of calories, it also plays a role in boosting the muscles’ mass and gaining weight.

So, you can find starches in potatoes corn, quinoa, buckwheat, beans, squash, oats, legumes, winter root vegetables, sweet potatoes, pasta, whole-grain cereals, whole-grain bread, and cereal bars.

Dried fruits and Avocados

One cup of them includes 500 calories, so it is obvious that dried fruits are rich in calories thus you can enroll it in your plan.

In addition to that, Avocados are rich in calories, fat, some vitamins, and minerals.

Dark chocolate

The content of dark chocolate promotes its values to be again weight factor. In other words, dark chocolate has enough amount of calories and sugar for weight gain.

Firstly, the calories amount

Dark chocolate bar weighing about 3.5 ounces includes 604 calories. You can imagine!

In addition to that, Dark chocolate is not the only source of calories, it also sources of sugar.

Now, you may say that sugar is a good source for energy, but you have to know that the high amount of sugar can cause weight gain feasibly.

Fats and oils

There is a type of oil as those which comes from olives and avocados has a good amount of calories. For instance, one spoon of this oil equals 120 calories.


Regarding its content, we can consider it as a factor of weight gain. In other words, Cheese is rich in fat, protein, calcium, and calories.

So, if you opt cheese for gain weight, you have to choose full-fat cheeses.


Eggs are also a good source of protein and healthy fat. In addition to that, the yolk of the egg is rich in many nutrients, so it is a good and healthy source for your purpose.


As we know that building muscles have an effective role to gain weight, so if you’re looking for building muscles, we recommend drinking milk.

In addition to that, milk is rich in fat, carbohydrates, and proteins which are triggers for weight gain.

As a result, you can take drinking milk a routine as drinking water in purpose to gain weight.

Secondly, we will present examples of meals in purpose to gain weight.

There is an example of full-day which equal 2,500 Calorie

The first one is breakfast

You can opt one cup oatmeal with one-half cup reduced-fat milk and one-half cup raisins.

For drinking, you can take one cup of orange juice or one cup of black coffee.

The second one is the lunch meal

You can eat a sandwich with two large slices of whole grain bread, four slices of lean turkey, two tomato slices, lettuce, and mustard.

In addition to that, you can drink 10-ounce glass of reduced-fat milk. Besides, one baked sweet potato with a pat of butter or margarine.

The third one is dinner

You can eat fresh salad, six-ounce salmon filet, and one cup cooked spinach. In addition to that, you can take one-half cup mashed potatoes with butter or margarine.

For drinking, one glass of milk or 100-percent fruit juice.

Now, we already have a plan for snacks too.

Morning Snack, you can eat one apple, and you can drink a glass of water.

Afternoon Snack, one protein bar, and drink glass of water too.

Nighttime Snack, one-half cup plain yogurt with one-half cup sliced strawberries, and drink a glass of water too.

As a result, if you take these samples as a guide while following a gain weight plan, you will reach the weight which you want.

Thirdly, we will present six steps to follow.

The first one is, increase the number of your meals. In other words, if you eat three meals per day, you can eat six ones.

Simply, you can keep your main large meals but just add three small meals too.

The second thing is High Proteins and calories. In other words, you have to opt the food which is high calories and high protein as rice, fish, and salad.

The third thing is Healthy Fats. As we focus to opt high calories and high protein food, we have to choose food are rich in healthy fat in purpose to obtain our goal.

The fourth thing is, doing exercises to gain weight. There are many types of exercises which help us to gain weight.

All the upcoming exercises can help you to gain weight. Twisting Crunches, Leg Press, Leg Extension, Leg Curls, Arm Curls, Shoulder Shrug, Seated Dumbbell Press, Triceps Push Down, Barbell Squats, Pull-ups, Ab Roller, Incline Dumbbell Press, Side Lateral Raise, Dumbbell Lunges, and Weighted Crunches.

The fifth thing is, get Enough Sleep. Sleep is a fundamental of well-being, so sleep equal nutrition and physical activity.

As a result, any sleep impartment will affect your relaxation. After that, the result of exhaustion will appear on your body as losing weight.

So, if you want to keep your weight, you have to avoid any risk factor as unstable sleeping pattern.

The sixth thing is To Keep Yourself Motivated. In other words, you have to keep your determination up in purpose to achieve the weight that you want.

The seventh thing is, be on track. In other words, we have to follow the last update of gain weight methods.

Moreover, knowing information about gain weight has an effective impact on your self-confidence.


Now, we present various type of food as rice, milk, egg, cheese, dried fruits, dark chocolate, and Avocados in purpose to provide choices to make gain weight plan.

In addition to that, we took calories and healthy fats as a corer category while choosing gain weight food.

Then, we provided tips for gaining weight. Simply, this will help you to reach the weight that you want feasibly.

Finally, we presented examples of full-day meals in purpose to make a daily chart for gain weight. In addition to that, we show types of snacks.

In other words, there is more than one choice of morning Snack as apple or nuts, and you can drink a glass of water.

Moreover, you can opt one protein bar and drink a glass of water too in afternoon snacks.

Additionally, there is an example of nighttime Snack which is one-half cup plain yogurt with one-half cup sliced strawberries, and drink a glass of water too.

As a result, if you take these steps as a guide while following a gain weight plan, you will reach the weight which you want.

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