Ultimate guide for losing belly fat

Losing weight is not something easy to do, but losing belly fat it’s like a challenge so you need to follow me in this article in which I’m gonna tell you the best ultimate guide for losing belly fat, but first let me tell you what’s belly fat means.

What’s belly fat?

Actually, there are three common types of fats:

  • Subcutaneous fat: which is known as the layer of fat below our skin.
  • Triglycerides fat: that fat which exists or move around in our bloodstream.
  • Last one called visceral fat: which is the most dangerous one. Belly fat is considered as this visceral fat which is very dangerous to our body.

Belly fat is that excess amounts of fat which exist around our stomach which may cause a lot of things dangerous to our health if it exists by a lot of amounts.

Visceral fat is usually being under the muscles in our stomach. This makes that fat is to dangers to our health.

This makes too nearly to our internal organs and becomes like it’s energy source.

It’s like when you need to buy something and there are a corner store and another store across the town, which store are you gonna buy from it? The close one sure. Makes sense?.

That’s the way our body thinks. Why taking energy from subcutaneous fat which exists in different parts of our body and you can get it from visceral fat next to you.

How can belly fat affect our body?

Actually it’s not about the existence of belly fat surrounding your stomach and ruining your shape, but in fact, it’s about those negative effects which belly fats have in our body.

Those negative effects can be that the cells which contain subcutaneous and visceral are more likely to be active cells and create or produce some excess hormones and chemicals that can affect badly on our body and causes also some health issues.

These hormones and chemicals which the cells create not always have negative effects on our body.

In fact, these hormones and chemicals if it exists in our body with normal amounts. It can be beneficial to our body and so many positive effects.

Which like keep the insulin which exists in our body within the healthy limits and also it can regulate your appetite the desire to eat I mean by making you feel full after eating.

Last one thing these hormones and chemicals can do that it also can help in the process of burning those unnecessary or stored fats.

The problem begins when these cells become in large amounts then creating and producing these hormones and chemicals also large amounts, more than the need of our body I mean.

That’s the time it can affect badly on our body by making some health issues like increasing the probability of having diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and some kinds of cancers.

It also affects your shape by ruining it so badly.

Knowing your belly fat

There are many ways of knowing how much belly fat do you have such as having a CT scan or MRI which will let you know the amounts of visceral fats you already have.

But there’s an easier way and also low-cost one, you can easily do it at home by getting a tap you can measuring by it, surrounding it around your waist exactly at your navel.

Then check your width and don’t forget to be stood up while you doing this measurement.

The best-recommended size for your waist should be less than 40 inches for men, but for women should be less than 35 inches.

And by the way, everyone has belly fat, but it is different from one person to another.

Keeping your belly fats within the healthy limits which I mentioned above will keep you safe and less likely to that negative effects which it has.

Differences between belly fat and bloat

Belly fat and bloat both are far away from being the same. There’s a big difference between them.

Normally after having any big meal you can feel blown up or expanded. Both belly fat and bloat should be treated differently.

Stomach bloating is usually happening when your belly becomes full with fluid or gas. It happens when you try to eat some foods which are not easy enough to digest by your stomach.

That leads to keeping you bloated or full for a couple of hours. and it’s a temporary thing not exist for too long I mean.

Having bloat can make your stomach to be expanded, but the belly fat doesn’t cause this.

Here’s another difference between bloat and belly fat I can tell that you can’t hold your belly with your hand when it’s bloated, but physically you can with your belly fat.

There are also big differences between belly fats and bloat in causes:

Stomach bloat causes:

Eating foods which contain high levels of fiber that may cause your stomach to be bloated. These foods can be veggies and fruits such as cabbage, prunes, and onions.

Also eating too fast and in large amounts can be a reason.

Things that make you more likely to gain belly fat

Well, there is a most common thing we all know that cause gain belly fat which is eating too much without moving enough or moving too little, but there are many other things that may be considered as a reason.

So here are the most specific things that make you more likely to gain belly fat

Foods with high levels of sugar

such as cakes and candies and also soft drinks which include much soda and drinks like coffee and tea with much sugar.

All these foods and drinks have a big relationship with gaining your belly fat.

You can gain weight and especially belly fat from many sources which contains too much sugar, but there are specific sources from which you can gain weight easily and in a very short time.

These sources are soft drinks which have too much soda and drinks like sweet tea and coffee.

Drinking alcohol

Alcohol is a drink with two weapons. It can be beneficial to you and also on the other side can have negative impacts on you.

If you are one of these people who consume alcohol in normal amounts so it can help you in lowering your heart attacks.

But if you are one of those who consume alcohol too much, more than the normal amounts I mean. It may cause happening of some disease and health problems.

Excess amounts of calories which exist in alcohol can be dangers to your body by storing as belly fat. And at the same time, alcohol can prevent the burning of fats in your body.

Consuming more than 3 drinks of alcohol daily can make you more likely to gain weight around your stomach ( belly fat) more than people who consume less.

Being inactive

Inactivity becomes a most common thing in the last time. People generally become less likely to be active.

That thing plays a big role in gain weight and especially belly fat for both men and women.

A study has been made to prove that people who spend more than 3 hours per day watching tv and some other staff are more likely to gain weight more than who watch less.

Low protein diets

Diets with high protein are very important because it makes you feel full, not hungry I mean then decrease the amount of your calorie intake.

But low protein diets make you unsatisfied and hungry and also more likely to gain weight.

Fruit juice

Fruit juice mainly contains a lot of sugar, but it’s not about the fruit juice.

You may think that unsweetened fruit juice has no sugar, but sadly it has a lot of sugar.

Fruit juice is known by the vitamins it has and provides but it’s at the same time it can lead to insulin resistance and making you more likely to gain belly fat.


Usually, our body is producing a hormone that called the stress hormone. It may help our body to control the stress response.

But this hormone can lead to gain excess weight when it’s produced in large amounts more than the normal.

Women have a higher probability to gain weight by producing this hormone that its probability for men.


Genes apparently become play a big role in raising the ability to gain belly fat and storing these amounts of calories as belly fat.

Poor Sleeping patterns

Having enough sleep is some important and beneficial for your both body and health, but on the other side not sleeping well or not enough affects badly on your health.

This effect can be leading to gain weight and especially belly fats.

Ways of breaking belly fat

  1. Avoid foods that include too many trans fats.
  2. Be aware of your alcohol amounts.
  3. Try to always follow a high protein diet.
  4. Try not to be always under stress.
  5. Watch out your sugary foods by not eating a lot.
  6. Do some exercises like cardio or yoga exercises.
  7. Reduce your carbs intake.
  8. Strength training can definitely help you.
  9. Get enough sleep.
  10. Take some green tea.


Having belly fat is something extremely unhealthy, has bad effects on our body and also causes a lot of health issues.

You can know how badly belly fats effects on your body and also its negative impacts. It can make a lot of health issues.

There are many ways to know how much belly fat do you have such as do some CT scan or MRI, but there’s another easier way you can do it easily at home and it’s low cost one.

There are things that you need to be aware with which can help in making you more likely to gain belly fats like drinking alcohol, foods with high levels of sugar, being inactive, follow low diet protein, being under stress and last one but not the least drinking too much fruit juice.

Also, there are a lot of ways which can help you break your belly fat.

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