The Healthy Way To Lose Weight Fast

The Healthy Way To Lose Weight Fast

We’ve been read so many topics about losing weight and diet tips , but healthily, can be totally confusing. Here we collect the top advice from diet and fitness experts to know how to shed any unwanted pounds healthily .

1- Protein : always make your meal rich with protein . it make you feel full for a long time and also helps balance your blood sugar to reduce any sweet cravings,’ says Shona Wilkinson .

2- Dark Green Leafy Vegetables : Keep intake of vegetables by focusing on dark green leafy vegetables like cabbage , broccoli and Swiss chard .

3- Small Plates : always have your meal in a small plates that help you minimize the amount of what you eat .

4- Keep away from the fruits that has high sugar like raisins and bananas,’ says Patrick Holford .

5- Exercise : keep on aerobic exercise and resistance exercise three or four times a weak .

6- Make half of your plate in the main meal made up of vegetables and one quarter is protein .

7- Green tea : It help your body to burn the fat in your body, especially around the waist ,’ says diet expert Marisa Peer .

8- Breakfast full of protein : Having protein in your breakfast help you burning fat until you next eat carbs .

9- water : Make sure you drink 1 liter of water .

10- Natural Foods : Stay away from processed foods and go for natural foods .

11- Reduce Your Salt Intake : it help you beat bloating ,’ says diet expert Jane Michell .

12- Stop Drinking Alcohol : It contains a lot of hidden calories a glass of wine has at least 100.

13- Healthy Snacks : Try healthy snacks that have less calories in it like sliced tomato , popcorn or oatmeal .

14-Enzymes : You can find enzymes in some fruit like grapefruit and celery or pineapple . in your diet it will help you to to mobilize fat ,’ says Jenny Pacey .

15- Sleeping : Get your need of sleep that your body need . 8-9 Hours per night it raise your hormones levels that grow your appetite and minimize your ability to register that you’re full .

16- Food Allergens : take out common food allergens from your diet like Tree nuts (such as almonds, cashews, walnuts) , Fish (such as bass, cod, flounder) and wheat . It help you to lose bloating from around your stomach quickly.

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