Nutrition value of fruits: the best kind of fruits that help you losing weight

Fruits are well-known kind of food that is favored by many people.

They are able to give your body the primary minerals and vitamins you need to improve your health or to lose extra weight.

They are not working only on the weight perspective such as diminishing your belly.

They also, working on your general health as they decrease the possibility of being infected by a heart disease or cancer.

Many doctors are recommending fruits in most of the diet plans.

As a result, you will find fruits in plenty of meal since they became an essential part that can not be avoided.

Here are some fruits that are helping in the losing weight procedures:

1- Bananas:

One banana with a medium size can fill you up and increase your metabolism.

In other words, it can end your desire to eat for hours.

Not to mention, its ability to generate or provide you with an optimal amount of energy that you need daily.

Also, bananas can assist in preventing cramps of muscles and organize your blood pressure.

Thus, It is totally recommended if you are seeking a way to lose weight, or if you are already got one.

You need to involve banana fruit in your meal or diet due to its advantage.

2- Apples:

I see the happiness that came up when you read the title.

Apples are one of the most delicious fruits that have been discovered. They are very tasty.

You can eat apples everywhere and every time.

They have a low amount of calories and also a tiny amount of fats that can be neglected.

As a result, apples considered one of the highly recommended fruit in any diet or meal because of its great advantages.

Regarding the fiber, apples have a stunning quantity of fiber that will help you through your day in weight loss.

Not to mention, these amounts of fiber help you become full and do not want to eat much which lead to not gaining extra weight.

Implying that, fiber fills you up that conclude eating fewer calories.

Other benefits for apples, they give you the required energy daily that improves your physical performance.

Also, they reduce the risk of cancer and improve your heart health.

There are some claims that apples are balancing blood sugar.

3- Watermelons:

Figuring out the name itself which is watermelon, You will realize that watermelons contain a high amount of water.

Also, they contain few calories that are why they considered the optimal fruits to eat and to use through a diet.

Hydration is one of the most important features that watermelons guarantee to provide you with.

Due to the high amount of water that exists in watermelons. Your body works perfectly either physically or mentally.

Watermelons can be prepared in many shapes. You can eat them as fresh fruits or cooks them in the shape of salad or gazpacho.

4- Blueberries:

No doubt that all kinds of berries are useful, helpful, healthy, and tasty.

Blueberries are considered the best type of all the berries.

Blueberries help you fight fats and burn calories efficiently through increasing your metabolism.

So, you can conclude that blueberries contain plenty of nutrients.

Another important feature, contain an optimal amount of fiber that will lead to being satisfied.

Blueberries are full of protein, that is why they keep you full for a long time. Not to mention, they reduce your desire to eat.

They are greatly recommended in the breakfast meal since they will maintain your satisfaction until lunchtime.

Berries have a great taste when you use them as juice.

5- Pears:

I recommend pears for you depending on the high amount of fiber they contain.

This fiber is mainly the most important factor that helps you losing weight.

These amounts of fiber reduce your appetite. Not to mention, that these amounts help you be satisfied for a longer time.

Implying that, you will not eat amounts that are unwanted that lead to gain extra weight.

Additional benefits of pears, they reduce the possibility of getting infected by a heart disease, optimize your cholesterol level and decrease cancer risk.

Pears can be used in a lot of types of foods and dessert.

6- Grapefruits:

As a matter of fact, grapefruits have a lot of benefits either on the health level or for losing weight.

Eating a high amount of grapefruits before every single meal will reduce the insulin level and storage of fats.

As a result, you will lose your extra weight.

As same as watermelons, grapefruits contain a lot of water which leads to being satisfied and hydrated. So, they help you to eat less.

They also somehow control and suppress your appetite.

Not to mention, Grapefruits facilitate burning fats enzymes which lead to losing weight quickly.

On another scale, grapefruit is full of protein and vitamin C. This means it affects other areas in a positive way.

7- Pomegranate seeds:

One of the most delicious fruits is pomegranate seed. Many people love such a fruit due to its taste.

However, the majority of them miss the importance of these seeds either for weight loss or your general health.

Pomegranate is considered one of the healthiest fruits you may find ever. Thus, some of its benefits will be mentioned.

It makes your blood thinner. As a result, it prevents your platelets of blood from creating coagulating.

Not to mention, its great ability to decrease the chance of getting heart diseases or cancer.

Finally, it helps you indigestion.

8- Oranges:

Oranges are well-known fruit that is popular with its advantages for health.

So, it is not beneficial only for weight loss but it is beneficial for your general health.

Oranges reduce your cholesterol. Oranges contain Polymethoxylated Flavones.

This material can reduce your cholesterol effectively more than any drug you use to decrease your cholesterol.

Also, Oranges have the ability to prevent you from cancer due to its D-Limonene.

Oranges have many shapes you can eat as a fruit or use it as a juice. Not to mention, you can use it to make some dessert.

9- Avocado

Avocado is the favorite fruit for many people. I am one of them. Avocado is great either in its taste or benefits.

It can be eaten as a fresh fruit or drank as juice.

From the benefits scale, it helps to reduce the level of pressure in the blood, according to a study in the American journal of clinical nutrition.

According to a study was published in Nutrition Journal. Avocado work on fulling your stomach.

it states that fat persons were asked to add avocado to their daily meals or to replace the food that they eat with avocado.

So, you can conclude that due to the high amount of fiber that exist in avocado. It helps you to become full.

Not to mention, the ability of avocado to satisfy you and fulfill your appetite.

10- Peaches

Peaches in a juice shape are stunning. Not just the taste is the advantage but also they have great benefits for your health.

Due to the few amounts of calories that exist in peaches. You can eat a high quantity of them without getting fat.

Peaches also give you the energy that is helping in improving your physical health. As a result, your physical performance enhancement.

Thus, it is highly recommended for people who suffer from fatigue in their physical actions.

11- Kiwi

Kiwi proves that it is not by the size to show your quality. Kiwi is a spectacular fruit that full of benefits and advantages for your health.

Kiwi is full of fiber, the factor that makes you control your hunger and feel full for a length of time which lead to losing weight.

It has the ability to control your level of pressure in the blood.

So, it decreases the chance to catch a heart disease or strokes.

Also, it presents vision loss, because of the great level of zeaxanthin and lutein it has.


Fruits have a helpful impact on people’s health.

As a result, people need to get the maximum advantages that they get out of eating fruits.

Fruits are a huge variety. So, you need to be careful when you select which type of fruit that will fit you.

First, you need to decide either you want to gain or lose weight.

Then, analyze each type of fruit that you like and see either it helpful for your case or not.

It can be helpful to ask a specialist to consult you on which fruits to use with your meals.

If it is not helpful to ignore it and search for another fruit that you like and can substitute the previous one.

Finally, I covered and discussed some fruits that help you to lose weight which are

1- Bananas

2- Apples

3- Watermelons

4- Blueberries

5- Pears

6- Grapefruits

7- Pomegranate seeds

8- Oranges

9- Avocado

10- Peaches

11- Kiwi

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