How I Got Rid of My Night Coughing Using These Four Magical Ingredients

With a series of stressful jobs, long record of asthma, poor nutrition, lack of exercising as well as pollution, a weakened immune system is what I was left with.

Yet, living with low immunity is one thing and surviving winter colds with such immunity is another.

Consecutive Colds became my winter highlight.

I hardly passed one cold to get knocked with another.

Eventually, Night coughing became a daily bedtime routine.

Coughing is the body’s natural reaction to blockage of the upper air passage.

It is the mechanism with which the body clears the breathing passage from mucus and secretions resulting from infection.

However, continuing cough increases the inflammation and irritation of the air passage, hence, resulting in more coughing, and the loop goes on.

Coughing could result from a whole wide range of respiratory tract infection: tuberculosis, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, cold or flu.

Still, coughing caused by cold and flu remains on top of all other reasons.

As per the World Health Organization, 5 to 15% of the 6.57 billion Northern Hemisphere residents suffer from flu during autumn and winter, which is almost a hundred million victims every year.

With this huge number of victims, and with the growing resistance of bacteria to medications as well as the unaffordability of medicine at other times, natural remedies come as an answer to many desperate calls.

Medical Schools and Cough Treatment

Natural remedies are one of two options available to anyone with a persisting cough. It is either the natural school or over the counter medication.

For me, over the counter drugs, either suppressants or expectorants were always inconvenient.

The sleepiness and drowsiness impact of some of this medications “especially those I find effective” is something that always made me think twice before taking any.

Yet, at many times when I found my cough nagging, I unhappily resorted to drugs.

Unfortunately, the repetitive intake of medication does harm the immune system too.

So, to avoid a new “more drugs lower immunity” loop, I decided to give the other school a try; the school of nature.

So, if you like me and have had enough with medication and are looking for an alternative, then this comes right on time.

Privileges of Natural Remedies

For me, the privilege of the natural remedies is not only that they are immunity friendly, and have little to almost no side effects, but also that they come along with a big support system.

Once you decide to join the club of nature you will find many members happily greeting a newcomer with their experiences and advice.

In addition, there is a long history of use and recorded effectiveness.

To an extent that even in some cases, doctors themselves recommend it as an alternative, especially for children and elderly.

Medical researchers as well have been shedding light on the benefits of natural remedies for many diseases.

They extend the healing possibility of these remedies to one of the most daunting threats like cancer, and have been recording huge potential in their laboratory experiments.

However, personal success stories play also a critical role in the validity and credibility of this school.

The whole instruction manual of each and every remedy comes as a product of a long list of users and testers.

It Gets Worse at Night


For everyone suffering from heavy coughing, it is a common ordeal that nights are a cough’s worst enemy.

Mucus congests on the lungs because of the effect of gravity on the body when laying down at night.

So, waking up is not as pleasant or as easy to anyone with severe coughing.

It takes forever to clear your lungs from all the heavy mucus that was formed during the night.

A process that is always painful, challenging and consuming.

And because congested lungs, morning obligations, and routine do not go along very well, something must be done, and it must be done at night!

To win this night battle for good, I started googling “nature cough remedies” reading about people’s experience and recommendations.

I was dazzled with the endless available options, from herbal tea, steam, marshmallow root, pineapples to thyme, honey, ginger, peppermint, and lemon.

Every website has its own list and every video speaks of a different experience.

I tried onion juice, guava leaves, natural coughing medicines, Fennelflower seeds oil, and steam, but their effect was not as long-lasting nor as fast as I needed, for was I was looking for something with a stronger night impact.

It wasn’t until I came across this magical remedy and tried it that my winter was colored with hope again.

Not only did I get rid of my night cough which speeded my recovery, but was also re-assured that I have something in my pack that would always fight on my behalf.

Four Magical Ingredients and Their Clinical Impact

Magical Ingredients

The magical remedy consists of four simple ingredients found in every kitchen.

There is no need for a long shopping list or an expensive budget to acquire.

There is also no need for preparing ahead.

All you need is a teaspoon, a piece of cloth, a clinical tape and two minutes of your bedtime routine, and you are ready.

You start by preparing a teaspoon of ginger powder, a teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of olive oil and another teaspoon of flour, yes flour!

Then you mix all the four ingredients together until they form a liquid paste.

You put this paste on a piece of cotton cloth, then place the cotton cloth on your chest.

It is very important to note though, that you must tape the cotton cloth to your chest to avoid a slippery mess while sleeping.

The reason why this paste is magical is that of its impact on lungs congestion.

This remedy absorbs and relieves the mucus secreted all night from your lungs and allows you a clear air passage in the morning.

Very simple steps that when repeated every night leaves your lungs happy and healthy.

You can repeat it for as long as you need without fearing side effects.

But why these four ingredients in particular?


The reason why adding these four ingredients together has such a magical effect on reducing cough is the bioactive components found in each ingredient.

For instance, gingerol in ginger is a bioactive anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory component.

Not only is it used for cold treatment but it extends its benefits to many other diseases.

Gingerol has been recorded in laboratories to be effective against inflammation, osteoarthritis, and rheumatism as per The National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Its effectiveness also extends to colon and ovarian cancer, seasickness, nausea and vomiting that comes along with pregnancy and chemotherapy.

It was recorded that gingerol suppressed several tumors when tested decreasing their occurrence.

Besides, there is also evidential supports of its effectiveness on cardiovascular issues.

The anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory nature of gingerol, however, is the reason behind its effectiveness in our remedy?

All these laboratory results, as well as people’s testimonies, made ginger a newly acquired friend.


As for honey, it is usage as a medicine for many diseases has been recorded since ancient times.

Whether it is an issue with the gastrointestinal system, respiratory system, immunity system, cardiovascular or nervous systems, honey always comes to the rescue.

Its anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-cancer and anti-diabetic effects are what makes it a natural hero.

Because of its constituents of water, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, amino acids and minerals, there is almost no disease that honey cannot fight.

Its richness in vitamin C is what makes it the first candidate against colds.

Olive Oil

Moving to olive oil, not only is it a daily prescription for the prevention and cure of many diseases, but also a blessed fruit mentioned both in the Quran and the Bible.

Known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, antiplatelet, laxative and cardiotonic effect, olive oil is a good rival to many diseases.

The Food and Drug Administration(FDA) acknowledged in 2004, the benefits of olive oil in reducing the risk of coronary heart disease.

The anti-tumor effect of olive oil has been reported for many organs including lungs, pancreas, colon, and prostate.

Its anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects are what renders it magical in our remedy.

As for the flour, it is used to turn this mixture into a paste of cohesive nature so that it could be easily used and managed.

Make It Simple

Sometimes, the solution we are looking for lays beneath the steps of our feet, and all we need to do is to look around.

We are used to sophistication in everything that we eventually complicate our problems instead of solving them.

I know of many people who are very good at turning their persisting physical symptoms into unnecessary anxiety and sometimes even depression.

This usually happens because we try to solve a problem with another problem, and end up having two on our plate, when we started off with one.

Our bodies have healing abilities and do respond to treatment, it just needs time.

But, because we want everything fast and we probably want it now, we interfere with the natural healing cycle and then panic!

Natural remedies have a lot to do so be patient.

In addition to helping us recover from our symptoms, they do have the challenge of cleansing the previously accumulated toxicants acquired from other medication.

This probably would take some time.

So, give it some time, be patient and have faith in your body’s will to heal and you will see wonders.

In Summary

Ginger, honey, and olive oil have a long list of recorded health benefits both in laboratories and in life.

Using each ingredient alone is one thing, yet, adding them all together is magical.

If your winter cough is persisting and keeping you up all night, then it is time you tried this magical remedy.

Cough is not the enemy, it is just our body’s way to clearing our upper air passages.

However, persisting cough lead to more inflammation and irritation and hence is unpleasant.

Although over the counter medicines are useful in cough treatment, they still have their list of side effects.

Natural remedies come in hand every time you call for help, they just need repetition and patience in order to show you their wonders.

So next time, you suffer from night cough just give this remedy a try and let us know.

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