losing weight loose skin and stretch marks: causes and treatment

Loose skin and stretch marks are important effects that impact plenty of bodies of people who lose weight.

These effects have a bad appearance that leads to decrease your self-esteem and self-confidence.

In such a stage (after losing weight) you ought to have high confidence in order to maintain your achieved weight.

If you lost this feature, depression would be a part of your life in this period.

Depression will lead to negative impacts such as gaining extra weight.

Your weight may be increased more than the previous position.

Thus, it is highly recommended to keep your self-confidence and esteem since loose skin and stretch marks have a treatment.

An important factor that you need to characterized by is having a full vision of what you want to accomplish.

Having a vision will clarify for you what is your goal.

This vision has to be a realistic one in order to lose these loose skin and stretch marks.

Also, it will give you the patience you need to achieve your goal.

This vision must be accompanied by a mission to show you how your plan should be and what actions should be done.

The mission is drawing the path that you should follow to reach your target.

Stretch marks definition

They are lines that appear on your skin and mark badly on it. They have a medical term called striae atrophic.

As I mentioned they are somehow a nuisance. They mostly appear in cases that lose much weight.

However, you can limit and decrease these marks by doing some steps. These steps hide their appearance a bit.

These marks are very popular, especially among women.

They lead to a lot of embarrassment especially, when they wear cloth that appears them.

These marks are considered an important issue for a lot of people due to its bad shape.

Stretch marks seem to be red-colored or dark red. After a while, they start to be changed and become whiter.

They have a noticeable appearance on the person’s skin.

They have no certain place or spot on person’s skin on which they grow up. They might be anywhere on the skin.

However, they are common spots in which they appear mostly such as abdomens and breasts.

They can occur either in males or females. But as mentioned before, it’s most common among women.

That’s why women who have a doubt that they have stretch marks they need to follow with a specialist.

Well, now let’s move to the factors that lead to stretch marks.

Causes of stretch marks

They happen due to unexpected weight gain. For example, they commonly take place in pregnancy period.

That is the main reason why pregnant women are more likely to gain these marks than others.

This is not the only example I can refer to while I am talking about the causes of stretch marks.

Another reason for those marks is gaining weight in a quick way.

For instance, when someone is growing quickly s/he can gain these marks.

From a medical point of view, sometimes people tend to acquire these marks due to a medical treatment they use.

Implying that, some patients may get these marks due to their diseases such as diabetes and Cushing disease.

Here is an important notice.

If you gained such marks without being overweight and you have already lost your weight.

Another case, if you gained these marks without being pregnant.

You ought to check with a doctor or specialist to know what is going on.

Many people ask if these marks can be removed or just it can be lighted.

In other words, these marks can be gone away or not.

As I mentioned before plenty of people who successfully achieve their target and dream which is losing the extra weight.

They are threatened to gain these stretch marks. Thus, it becomes a big deal.

But fortunately, these marks can be hidden automatically without any interruption.

In case they can’t be removed, then they can be at least lightened.

Is there any treatment can be used for stretch marks?

Actually, till this moment, there is no treatment. You can’t do anything to cure these marks.

There are some products that claim that they have the ability to treat such marks.

Unfortunately, they have no real proof or any evidence that support their claims.

Many specialists agree that the best cure for these marks is to prevent their occurrence.

“Prevention is better than cure”

Some people go to treat these stretch marks by surgeries but they do not know that surgeries do not disappear them.

They only light them to make them less noticeable.

Regarding loose skin

Loose skin is somehow similar to stretch marks about how they appear or the reason for them.

The loose skin comes directly after losing a high amount of your weight.

It hit many people after losing weight rapidly.

Factors that vital in gaining loose skin.

  1.  Age: the more you get older the more potential to get infected by loose skin.
  2.  Amount of weight: the high amount of weight you lose, the high possibility of getting infected by loose skin.
  3.  Healthy skin: the more healthy your skin, the less risk of getting infected by loose skin.
  4.  Smoking: It increases the risk of loose skin.

How to avoid loose skin?

The optimal method to ignore loose skin is to decrease your weight slowly. Maximum 3 pounds per week.

The benefit of losing weight slowly is keeping your muscles up and losing just fats.

How can you treat loose skin?

The best way to treat loose skin is to do surgery. It will facilitate your way and it is guaranteed.


Women tend to gain these feature more than women due to the pregnancy period.

There are some ways that help to disappear such features or even make them appear lightly.

There are some products claim their ability to treat such features but there is no evidence or proof.

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