Swimming For Losing Weight And Getting In Shape

You might think the pool is not the right place to choose if you looking for losing some fats, shape up and slim down.

But actually, no other workout can burn your calories, boost your metabolism and work on all muscles in your body better than swimming.

Practice Swimming

Swimming is an activity which can help you losing weight by burning a lot of calories and putting some stress on your body.

You can learn how to swim easily if you are not and it’s never too late.

Swimming is a good thing for you and you can swim in a competitive level or any level you choose.

You can practice your swimming exercise easily at home and enjoy a few healthy lengths in your local pool.

But I recommend you to practice swimming in public pools which can offer you swimming with aerobics.

Aerobics and losing weight

Aerobics is known as a cardio exercise which is any activity that involves a large group of muscles.

There are several benefits of aerobic such as

  • Increase your energy levels
  • Improve your mental health and lower the stress.
  • Promotes the efficiency of your lung and also your heart.
  • Reduce the probability of heart attack occurrence by balancing your heart rate.
  • It can also lower your blood pressure.

For losing weight, usually, you lose weight when you create a calorie deficit.

You can create a calorie deficit when you burn more calories than the amounts you consume.

So, when you practice aerobics exercise which can burn a large number of calories this lead to lose your weight.

It’s easy to practice aerobic exercises at the gym or outdoors or even at the gym.

Back to benefits of swimming to lose weight

As swimming is natural, it usually uses a large group of muscles in your body. Also, your heart and lungs must work hard to provide them with all the necessary oxygen.

This makes your body burns a lot of calories and so help in losing weight which also makes swimming such a great workout.

Usually, it’s an exercise which makes you breathe heavily is good for you because that’s mean your body is working hard and your heart and lungs also getting stronger.

Other benefits of swimming

Suitable for all ages and fitness levels 

A few types of exercise may be hard for people who are new or feel unfit.

The person can learn how to swim at any age even you are very young. Now swimming pools have designed a specific area for beginners and elders.

Good for people who have injuries

If you have any injury such as arthritis it’s difficult to practice any high impacts exercise

So swimming is recommended for those who are not able to practice a high impact exercise as the water softly develops the muscles.

Good for people who have disabilities

Paraplegia is an example of a physical disability which many people have. With this physical disability, your workout or exercises are limited.

Swimming is the best option for those people because water can promote resistance and support.

For people with mental disability, swimming also can boost confidence and improve some social skills.

Good for people with asthma

As we mentioned before that swimming makes your lung stronger this can increase your lung capacity and improve your control over breathing.

However, the humid air which exists in pools may help in improving asthma symptoms, studies show that certain chemicals used in pools can make the symptoms worse.

Good for people with multiple sclerosis (MS)

People with MS have a great chance of benefit from the resistance and support that water

provides as it keeps limbs buoyant.

A study shows that if people with MS go into a swimming program for a period 20 week they

have a great chance of a reduction in pain.

Also, there is some improvement founded in MS-related fatigue and depression.

It’s safe for pregnant women

Swimming is a very recommended activity for pregnant women.

During pregnancy, women may feel some pain in muscle because of this excess weight.

So swimming is very popular during pregnancy because the water can support this excess weight and help in feeling more comfortable while staying fit.

Helps in sleeping improvement

In 2010, there is a study have been done show that nearly half of the older adult population find some difficulty in sleeping

Swimming is much recommended for those who have poor sleep and seek for a good one.
Improving stress

Swimming has an important role in reducing stress and anxiety. It also can make your mind away from troubling thoughts.

Practicing a physical activity for nearly 20 minutes each week may help a person to feel more relaxed.

Easy to access and not expensive

A lot of towns and cities offer public pools with a discounted value and sometimes it also offers it with no fees or with free swimming lessons.

Calories you will burn with swimming

If you want to lose 1 pound you need to burn nearly 3500 calories so it’s recommended that you need to swim 2.5 hours at least each week.

You need to keep swimming this period while the process of losing weight, but you can make it only 1 hour after that to keep this weight.

That means you need to swim nearly 7 hours each month to make some progress and success.

If you want to know exactly how many calories you will burn per hour you need to know first that depends on your weight and also your swimming skills.

But I can tell you average a 154 pounds person can burn nearly 500 calories per hour while a 200 pounds person will burn more than 630 calories per hours of swimming.

So don’t give up and be sure that success will come.


Swimming is an activity which can help you losing weight by burning calories and putting some stress on your body.

Swimming is one of the most effective cardio exercise which can help a person to lose weight.

Usually, swimming works on a large group of your body so it’s much recommended.

You can practice swimming easily in the home, but it’s better to use public pools as it can offer you with aerobics.

There are several benefits of aerobics such as increasing your energy levels, improve your mental health and lower the stress, promotes the efficiency of your lung and also your heart, etc.

There are several benefits of swimming you also should read.

Finally, you need nearly 7 hours of swimming each month so you can make success in your weight loss journey.

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