lose weight with 4 Tools In your kitchen

lose weight with 4 Tools In your kitchen

With these essentials you will be on the path to make your food healthy and eating while your stay slim . You can find these tools in any kitchen and if you don’t have it you will certainly want to have after reading this .

1- Cast iron frying pan :


why cast iron?  Stainless steel or a non-stick pan or even aluminum can be hard to clean, gets scratched easily, and costs a lot of money and  you’ll find cooking to be less appealing. but with Cast iron it help you make better recipes with fewer problems.Unlike most other types of cookware it last longer it retains heat and evenly distributes it in a way that most modern cookware cannot.

Low Cost, High Value :
it’s cheap and cost $15–$20 for new skillets but with it you gain value with each dish you make.

2- Measuring cups :
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Use measuring cups every time you eat if you’re really serious about portion control . Keep measuring cups and spoons handy when it comes to everything you prepare don’t just eyeball a half a cup of granola or freely pour marinara sauce over your pasta you’ll need to measure what you’re eating  .That help you to not overestimate what you eating and be aware. The extra small amounts of food you eat over time really add up , so if yo need to lose weight use measuring cups .

3- Blender :


When it comes to fresh fruit Juice or any vegetables soup use the blender .It will help you create low-calorie, filling entrees, beverages and desserts. Use  a blender that comes with a food processor attachment  that will make you have two appliances in one. juicing can remove toxins from the body and heal disease’ says Kris Carr “Crazy Sexy Diet” author .

4- Small plates :


If you eat from a smaller plate you’ll eat less and switching from a 12-inch to a ten-inch plate leads people to eat 22 percent fewer calories.” research result from Cornell University nutrition researcher Brian Wansink, PhD .That will help you to eliminating more than 5,000 calories a month from your diet.

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