Intensive Dietary Management approach (IDM) to boost weigh loss

Along with the tremendous searches, you usually go through tons of guides and bulks of information that present to you the end to your struggle with overweight.

Some of them may work for you and others may not work for so many reasons.

These reasons may vary either from the inconvenience of the diet for your body state or the high cost of the diet or any other claims.

And here is what intensive dietary management (IDM) actually presents to you. A much-paved path that you and all others should consider when you think of the perfect diet to lose weight.

A diet that you customize upon your preferences

Over the recent years, the world’s average consumption of food has skyrocketed and doubled more than once due to the expansion of the food industry and profits generated from its prosperity.

Therefore, people are getting more and more weight, and fatness relevant diseases are becoming so common among children, elders and even youth.

Furthermore, weight loss and getting the perfect body has depicted an obsession for the young men.

This has ended up the online world with so many diet regimes, suggestions for exercise and many fake magical recipes for you to reach your noble goal.

Within all this information, we have unintentionally skipped a tool that works best for our problem.

Thanks to Dr. Jason Fung and his colleagues, our eyes are now re-opened to a genuine tool for healthy weight loss throughout intensive dietary management, which is intermittent fasting. 

Dr. Jason Fong, the author of the bestsellers “The obesity code” and “The complete guide to fasting”, has figured out what intermittent fasting rule for promoting weight loss. 

How do you lose weight?

Basically, you need to know the mechanism for our body to lose weight operates as follow:

  1. Fat gets burnt.
  2. Fat turns into fuel so you can survive
  3. Eventually, you lose the excessive weight used to act as unburnt fat in your belly.

But does your body usually rely on fats to get its fuel and reward you with the good body?

I am afraid this is not what normally happens. Instead, carbs, or sugar to be more precise, are the coal here for the body to get fueled.

Once the body storage of carbs is over, here fats show up and take over to supply the body with the required energy.

By now, I can bet that you can imply that your mission here to lose weight and probably get to your dream girl is to burn fats inside your body. So how can you do that?

What if you figured out how to constantly manipulate your body to burn fats instead so you can regularly get rid of it and hinder any overweight?

Dr. Fung has worked so hard to reach the solution until he ultimately found it and established the worldwide known intensive diet management program (IDM)

What is Intensive Diet Management program (IDM)?

Having reached such results, Dr. Fung established the Intensive Diet Management program that elaborated on his findings and explained how to lose weight through intermittent fasting.

First, let me guide you to Dr. Fung’s approach on our pursuit to lose weight much easily and healthily.

As per what you and I have concluded previously, we figured out that we need to get the fat burnt instead of carbs to lose weight.

Dr. Fung gives us the trick here. That is by adopting a fasting regime that extends from 10 daily hours till whatever number of days you want, according to your level of obesity and set target.

There is more than one type of fasting, but most recommended is fasting from night after dinner till noon skipping your breakfast.

When you eat your summer meal, the body stores sugar at your livre, so it can resort to it when it is time to get some energy.

At some point, your storage of glycogen, sugar at your livre, runs out. Alternatively, the body moves to body fats and burns them to get fuel.

Dr. Fung’s target here is to extend the duration between any two consecutive meals so that the body uses all its storage of carbs and starts right away with fats.

IDM to stop aging!

The intensive dietary management program has more benefits other than being designated for losing weight.

Dr. Fung has explained how fasting can be a contribution to somehow stop the aging process in a very natural manner.

When you fast, the body tends to tear up the old cells in the body. By doing so, it gives you the chance to renovate them with new fresh ones when you eat back again. This can largely be noticed in the skin especially after long fasting periods.

Fasting is a key solution to combat obesity.

One more thing that is worth talking about is how fasting can display extraordinary results, especially for obesity patients.

Dr. Fung has constantly emphasized the point that obesity is associated with hormonal imbalance rather than the caloric intake.

Therefore; he prescribed fasting to fight obesity since it assists to fix the imbalance problem and reset the body to adapt to the normal hormone rates.

Fasting Vs starvations and do you lose your muscles with fasting?

You may claim that Dr. Fung is not actually calling for intensive dietary management for the sake of weight loss, but he wants you to starve to death to reach your target.

People consider the proposed tool by Dr. Fung as a call for struggle and suffering to lose weight, the thing which is not included in other diet regimes or prescribed by the famous dieticians.

However, there are some misleads here. The food industry and money makers have worked so hard to establish some false ideas in our minds about how much food is necessary and indispensable for us.

Conversely, fasting has always formed a core factor for the healthy body.  Religious texts have dedicated some parts to issue fasting as a milestone for both physical and mental health.

The bible has prescribed several periodical fasting seasons for the Christians. Also, Muslims have adopted a whole month in which they fast from the sunrise till the sunset.

Undoubtedly, these religious instruction are not meant to harm its followers, but for their self-relief and wellbeing.

Also, historical records showed that humans since the dawn of the history used to go through periods of fasting and world figures have mentioned it in their writings including Benjamin Franklin.

One more claim you may argue about is that fasting takes up from your body muscles instead of its fat storage to get energy.

That is by resorting to the protein preserved in our muscles, get it burnt and waste your muscles.

Dr. Fung has also refuted that in his book and statistically proved how misleading this information is and not consistent with real experiments.

To easily grasp all the above

In a nutshell, dozens of diets have invaded our lives with many pros and cons. One more diet that people used to ignore is the intensive dietary management throughout fasting.

Dr. Jason Fung, worked so hard to bring it back again and to show up how promising fasting can be for weight loss and to fight obesity.

He designed an online program called Intensive diet management that have been available for five years now.

The intensive dietary management programs have contributed to healing thousands of its users and displayed remarkable success in the medical world.

The program relies on fasting for a relatively long time to increase the metabolism rate of fats inside the body after the body’s reservoir of sugar is over.

The fasting mechanism differs according to the user’s state and his/her target. But there are no limitations on the period of fasting whether it lasts for daily hours or till a couple of weeks

Fasting benefits extend to touch more than merely the body weight. In addition, it helps to promote the growth hormone.

Also, it works very well to renovate the body cells by getting off the old ones.

More details about intensive dietary management are presented in Dr. Fung’s book, the complete guide of fasting.

He also refuted all the proposed claims that fasting works against the body and that it leads to losing body protein and accordingly the muscles.

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