How to control your hunger and stop eating too much

You might be wondering why I’m always hungry and feels like you are craving for something? but first, did you ask yourself how to fight this? and control it?

Here are some specific ways that will really help you to know how to fight your craving and control your appetite.

But before telling you about these ways we need to talk first about the meaning of being hunger.

It’s an important thing to let you know and understand what the meaning of being hungry is and what’s happening in your head that keeps telling you I’m hungry.

What is hunger?

Hungry is the desire for getting or eating some foods. It’s like your body through your brain is telling you that he needs fuel.

The action of feeling hungry can mean only two things and they actually are not the same.

The most traditional and common one is that you didn’t eat from a while a couple of hours maybe and of course your stomach starts to be craving and then you going to feel like you are hungry.

This common one could be known as a homeostatic hunger. Actually, this type is running by very multiplex signals that going through both your body and your brain to make you feel like you need food.

There are many sources of energy stored in your body and when these sources are going low after doing some workout or doing anything that requires your body to consume energy.

A hormone on your body called hunger hormone start to be active and its levels going to be raised and become suppressed as the person shut it down by getting some food.

After getting some food this hormone is getting low and the signals which running through your body and brain start to going back to your brain and tell it that you feel full like you don’t want food anymore.

Well, to be honest, there’s only one way to cut off this type which is called homeostatic hunger is to eat.

But try to eat some healthy foods like nutritious foods that will fill you up. Also if you are is any certain diet try to always follow a diet that contains fiber and lean protein.

Following a diet that contains a lot of fiber and lean protein can help in making you feel full. Which is consuming large amounts of protein is making you feel fullness more than consuming smaller amounts.

Another type of hunger

which is called hedonic hunger. This type can be explained by saying that you want to eat, but you don’t need to or it’s not necessary to eat I mean.

There also something you might think that’s strange which is called pleasure.

Pleasure has an important effect on both two types of hungry whether your hungry is homeostatic or hedonic hungry.

If you are a person who’s hungry is homeostatic then you are might be motivated by both pleasure and calories.

But if you are a person who’s hungry is hedonic then you might be motivated by pleasure only.

When I say motivated I mean the something which makes you feel like you are hungry.

The point is if you didn’t eat for a couple of hours and felt like you are hungry then your hungry is homeostatic.

But if you want to eat a certain something after your meal like some sweets and it’s not necessary then your hungry is hedonic.

You might be wondering why I’m always starving? Here are the possible reasons

Eating protein but it’s not enough

Protein is considered as an important factor that may help you in controlling your appetite and maintaining your hunger hormone.

That’s because of foods with high levels of protein help in making you more likely to be full and not obsessive about foods.

So not having enough protein in your meals will make you feel like you always hungry and craving for foods.

Sleeping but not enough

Generally, sleeping is considered one of the most important factors that effects on your health.

That can be by lowering the risk of having some diseases like heart disease or even cancer.

Not sleeping well is also can affect badly on your appetite by raising the production of a hormone which is called ghrelin and that makes you more likely to feel hungry.

So you need to get enough sleep so you can have the ability to control your appetite and support the feeling of fullness.

Drinking water but not enough

Totally, water contains a lot of benefits for your health. These benefits could be improving your brain ability, heart health and also help in keeping your skin more healthy.

But in our situation drinking enough water especially before your meals makes you have the ability to control your appetite reducing it I mean.

So drinking enough water help in keeping you full and be less likely to feel hungry.

Practicing too much

As we all know, practicing a lot of exercises making your body burns a lot of calories which makes your metabolisms higher and faster.

Raising your metabolism and making it faster effects badly on your appetite and make it hard to control and of course makes you feel hungry.

So you need to eat well before practicing your exercises by consuming some healthy foods that contain high levels of fiber, protein and healthy fats.

Consuming these healthy foods will provide you with enough fuel and energy for your workouts.

One last thing you need to do that try to practice regularly by lowering the time you spend on your exercise and reduce the strength of your workout.

Drinking alcohol by large amounts

Drinking too much alcohol can effects badly on your appetite. This effect can happen through reducing or barley preventing the production of some hormones that may help in reducing your appetite.

Also drinking too much alcohol especially while having your daily meals or even with it can make you feel like you are always hungry and of course eat too much.

So you need to regulate your drinking alcohol by making it normal then you are able to avoid these bad impacts.

Being under stress

Stress plays a huge role in controlling your appetite. Being under stress leads to increase your appetite and of course feeling hungry.

When you are under stress there’s a hormone responsible for promoting your appetite starts to be produced by high levels which lead to increasing your appetite and feeling like you are starving.

So you need to control your self by avoiding being under stress then you are able to control your appetite and make it low.

Eating too fast

Eating fastly is considered one of the fastest that affects badly on your appetite.

Normally after eating any of your meals your body should take enough time to consume these foods and give you the feeling of fullness.

When you eat too fast it like you don’t allow your body to have enough time to send you the signals of fullness.

So you feel like you are hungry even you are eating too much but without rests.

The most effective ways that help you control your appetite

  1. Try to have enough protein.
  2. Make your favorite drink is coffee
  3. Get some enough water for your body
  4. Regulate your eating habit by not eating quickly or even too slow
  5. What about dark chocolate? Try it.
  6. Practice some pretty exercises.
  7. Get some high quality sleep.
  8. Avoid being under stress.
  9. Eat some foods which contain omega 3
  10. Try to imagine the foods you desire.

The bottom line

Normally, it’s something common to feel hungry if you haven’t eaten for a while, but if you are always feeling like you are hungry even after eating your meal.

This is a big problem and can affect badly on you especially if you are interested in losing weight.

There are a lot of types of being hungry, but there are only two basic types you need to know about and the difference between them which are homeostatic hunger and hedonic hunger.

Homeostatic hungry is the feeling of being hungry after spending a couple of hours no eat.

Hedonic hunger is the desire of eating without feeling hungry like you want to eat sweets after your meal.

Feeling like you are always hungry and starving for something has many reasons such as not eating enough protein, not drinking enough water, poor quality of sleeping and practicing too many exercises.

Finally, there are a lot of ways that could help you fight your craving.

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