Your Guide To Understand Your Hair, Skin And Nails Problems

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  1. Hair
  2. Skin
  3. Nails

Even though some people think that hair, skin, and nails are small details that do not matter a lot, however, this is not true; how they look can totally affect your overall look.

Also, having healthy hair, skin, and nails might be an indicator that your health is also okay, while, on the other hand, when they are unhealthy might be a symptom for a bigger problem.


A girl’s hair is her own crown, there is no doubt that every girl looks for the strength and the beauty for her hair.

Having a healthy hair is not easy, it requires understanding what your hair is trying to tell you.

Your hair does not only exist to give you a beautiful look, however, your hair has very important functions.

The functions of hair include protection, regulation of body temperature, and facilitation of evaporation of perspiration; hairs also act as sense organs.

Hair types

Before looking for ways to fix your hair problems or ways to take care of it, you should identify your hair type in the first place.

In fact, your hair type does not express what your hair texture is, hair texture is if your hair is fine, medium or thick.

In order to identify your hair texture, you can apply what is called a “ponytail test“, which is simply counting how many wraps you need to make a ponytail.

If the result is:

  • One time: thick hair.
  • Two or three times: medium hair.
  • Three or more times: fine hair.

Is Your Hair Straight, Wavy, Curly Or Kinky?

Hair is actually composed of keratin, which is a type of protein.

The amount of curls your hair has actually depends on the bonds between hair proteins.

The greater the number of links, the curlier the hair, and the fewer the number of links, the straighter the hair.

1. Straight Hair

Straight hair is the type of hair that totally lacks curls, it is mostly fine hair and it gets oily quickly.

2. Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is more curly than straight hair and less curly than curly hair, it lies between both of them.

Also, it is thicker than straight hair and finer than curly hair.

3. Curly Hair

Curly hair’s curls are tighter than wavy hair’s curls and its thicker than it.

4. Kinky Hair

Kinky hair is the hair type that has very tight and wiry curls, it is actually dry, sensitive and fragile.

Is Your Hair Dry, Normal Or Oily?

Even though, all our scalps produce an oily substance called “sebum“, which actually protects the hair and keeps it healthy and smooth.

However, the secretion of this oily substance varies from a person to another, some people produce more sebum than others.

If you want to determine if your hair is oily, normal or dry, you can wash your hair, wait for the second day, wipe your scalp with a tissue and observe the result:

1. Oily Hair

If you found a lot of oil in the tissue and felt that your hair is sticky, then you have oily hair.

2. Normal Hair

If you found a small amount of oil in the tissue, then you have normal hair.

3. Dry Hair

If there is no oil in your tissue at all, then you have dry hair.

Identifying your hair type is really important for your hair’s health, it helps you choose the suitable products for your hair and also helps you to know how to treat your hair correctly.

Hair Problems


Whatever your hair type, texture or color, you are subjected to having different hair problems.

Having hair problems is very common and normal, most of the hair problems can be fixed easily, but first, you should understand the causes of your problems.

1. Hair Loss

Even though an average person loses from fifty to one hundred hairs a day, but, some people can lose more than this rate.

Hair loss is one of the most annoying problems that happens to a lot of girls for several reasons.

Here are some tips to follow if you face a hair loss problem, these tips may help you stop the problem or even reduce it.

1. Do Not Brush Your Hair When Wet

When your hair is wet, it is more weak and fragile, that is why combing or brushing it can break it and let it fall.

As a result, brushing or combing your hair during or right after a shower is not preferable.

You can brush your hair before washing it, or use hair conditioner during a shower and use your fingers to untangle it.

2. Massage Your Hair With Essential Oils

Essential oils are a very effective natural way to treat hair loss problems.

They work on speeding up hair growth, thickening hair and reducing its loss.

In addition to being that effective, they are also available and easy to get.

From these essential oils:

  • Lavender essential oil
  • Rosemary essential oil
  • Peppermint essential oil
  • Cedarwood oil essential oil
  • Lemongrass essential oil
  • Tea tree essential oil

3. Drink Enough Water

Drinking water is necessary for your whole body, not only for your hair.

However, when it comes to hair, you need to drink about two liters of water per day to keep your hair healthy.

As a matter of fact, water forms almost 25% of the weight of a single strand of hair.

Drinking enough water strengthens your hair, fights its loss and helps it to grow.

4. Towel Your Hair Gently

Unfortunately, the majority of people towel your hair in the wrong way after washing it.

As mentioned above, wet hair is weak and fragile, so, toweling it quickly and in a rough way hurts it and causes it to break and fall.

You should gently rub the water from your hair with a soft towel, squeeze it and let it dry.

5. Wash Your Hair

Washing your hair is really important, it helps your hair get rid of bacteria, dust, dirt and oils accumulated in it.

As a result, it helps it stay clean and fights its weakness and loss.

You should wash your hair for at least three times a week, according to your hair nature, however, over washing your hair can hurt your hair as well.

6. Choose Chemicals Free Shampoo

Chemicals are from the factors that negatively affect your hair, it causes it to fall and to be weaker.

Unfortunately, most of the shampoos that are available in the market are full of chemicals.

However, you can avoid these types of shampoo and choose chemical free shampoos, like parabens, sulfates, and silicone free shampoos.

7. See A Dermatologist

Dermatologists will help you understand the causes behind your hair loss problem and give you the advice to deal with it.

They can tell you which natural remedies to use and also which medications to use if your case needs it.

Health Conditions That Cause Hair Loss

Some medical conditions can cause hair loss, either as a symptom to the disease itself or even as a side effect to the medications used to treat the disease. From diseases that can cause hair loss:

1. Malnutrition

Not getting enough nutrients needed for your body is a reason for your hair weakness and loss.

2. Anemia

Anemia and iron deficiency can cause hair loss as a result of lack of hemoglobin.

Try to increase your intake of foods that are high in iron like beef, chicken, liver, beans, and nuts.

3. Stress

Psychological and mental problems in general such as stress and depression can cause hair loss.

If you have a mental breakdown or an emotional problem you will probably suffer from hair loss.

Best Food For Hair Loss

What you eat affects your health in a very serious way, and each food you eat positively affects different parts of your body.

Your hair’s health can be maintained by focusing on certain foods, also some types of food work on solving hair loss problem.

From these foods:

1. Dairy Products

Dairy products including milk, cheese, yogurt, and butter are all a great source of protein.

Since protein is needed for the hair to grow and strengthen, therefore, dairy products are really effective for fighting hair loss problems.

2. Eggs

Since protein is needed for the hair to grow, eggs are from the types of food that work on fixing hair loss problems.

Also, eggs contain Biotin, which is also needed for hair growth.

Eggs are from the most popular and the most loved foods around the world.

You can eat eggs as breakfast, lunch, dinner or even as a snack.

3. Red Meat And Poultry

Red meat and poultry with their different types can be cooked in a lot of different ways.

In addition to being a main source of protein, they also provide the body with a lot of other nutrients.

Red meat and poultry work effectively on hair growth.

4. Nuts

Nuts with their different types such as almonds, pistachios, walnuts, peanuts or cashews, are all very high in nutrients.

They are full of proteins, fibers, vitamins, zinc, and fatty acids.

Nuts have a lot of health benefits, one of these benefits is being too good for hair growth.

Eat nuts as snacks, since in addition to being very nutritious, they are very tasty as well.

5. Spinach

Spinach is one of the most nutritious vegetables ever, it actually has a lot of health benefits.

It contains iron and vitamins, which are really important for hair growth.

6. Carrots

Carrots are from the most famous and available vegetables around the world.

They are the main ingredient in most types of salads and in a lot of other recipes.

It contains a lot of nutrients and it has a lot of benefits, eating carrots works effectively on fixing hair loss problems.

7. Seafood

Seafood provides the body with a lot of benefits, it is really important to consume seafood for about three times a week.

When it comes o hair loss, seafood like salmon, tuna, and shrimps are very effective.

They provide the body with protein, zinc, vitamins, iron, and omega-3, which help the hair to grow.

Hair Loss Masks

  • Aloe vera mask
  • Eggs mask
  • Olive oil and ginger mask
  • Apple cider vinegar and green tea mask
  • Coconut milk mask

2. Dry Hair

Having dry hair is also one of the most common hair problems, and it is a very annoying one.

Having dry hair actually means that your hair is not getting enough moisture, which gives it a weaker look and texture.

Dry hair problem happens as a result of a lot of reasons that we do without recognizing their effect, here are some tips to protect your hair from dryness:

1. Avoid Sun

Even though the sun has a lot of benefits to the human body, however, unfortunately, it can negatively affect your hair.

Being exposed to the sun for a long time makes your hair dry, especially in summer.

Try to avoid the sun as much as possible, also, protect your hair from the sun by covering it by a cap or a hat.

2. Reduce Using Hair Straighteners and Curlers

A lot of girls tend to use electric irons to straighten or curl their hair.

Although they give the hair a very natural and attractive look, they can harm your hair by using them a lot.

Reduce using these machines and let your hair be natural, you’ll notice how it improves your hair in the long run.

3. Do Not Over Wash Your Hair

Washing your hair is very important for its health, as mentioned above, it keeps it clean from dust, bacteria, and oils accumulated in it.

But, if your hair is already dry by nature, you’re not supposed to wash it every day, dry hair should only be washed for about two times a week.

Over washing your hair makes it dry and lose its shine.

4. Do Not Use Hot Water For Washing Your Hair

It is actually a fact that showering in hot water is very relaxing, but, using too hot water is very harmful to your hair.

It is preferred to wash your hair with cold water, but, let’s admit that it is hard for most of us.

However, you can use lukewarm water, it does not cause your hair to get dry like too hot water.

5. Do Not Over Brush Your Hair

Brushing your hair is definitely necessary to keep it healthy and good looking.

On the other hand, too much brushing exhausts your hair and let it get dry.

Also, brushing your hair roughly is very harmful to it, brush your hair gently and do not do over brush it.

6. Protect Your Hair From Salty Water

Sea is so much fun, isn’t it?

We all love going to the sea, and it actually a lot of health benefits.

However, being exposed to the salty water of the sea for so long is not good for the hair at all, it breaks its natural oils and makes it dry.

When you go to the sea, apply a protective hair product and wear a swim cap.

7. Do Not Dye Your Hair A Lot

Most girls enjoy changing their hair color from time to time, actually, changing the hair color gives a totally different look.

However, hair dyes contain a lot of chemicals, which harms the hair and cause it to dry and break.

8.Trim Your Split Ends

Having split ends does not only look bad and annoying but, they are also a reason for having dry hair.

Trimming your split ends is really necessary for your hair’s health and it is also very easy to be done at home.

Health Conditions That Cause Dry Hair

Dry hair can happen as a symptom to other diseases, so, if you have dry hair it might be an indicator of having a certain disease like:

1. Malnutrition

Malnutrition is one of the most common diseases, it actually happens when the body is not getting the nutrients it needs, which causes a deficiency in these nutrients, such as:

  • Iron Deficiency
  • Vitamins Deficiency
  • Calcium Deficiency

In addition to dry hair, malnutrition can cause other problems like:

  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Breathing problems
  • Constipation
  • Depression
  • Poor concentration
  • Heart problems

Focus on food that provides your body with nutrients needed to stay healthy.

2. Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism occurs when your body doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormones.

Your thyroid is responsible for providing energy to nearly every organ in your body.

Without the right amount of thyroid hormones, your body’s natural functions begin to slow down.

Dry hair is one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism in addition to other different symptoms like:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Constipation
  • Weight gain
  • Decreased sweating
  • Slowed heart rate
  • Impaired memory
  • Pain in the joints

If you noticed having these symptoms, it might be a sign of having hypothyroidism, do not hesitate to visit your doctor.

3. Hyperparathyroidism

Hypoparathyroidism is a rare condition that occurs when the parathyroid glands in the neck don’t produce enough parathyroid hormone. (PTH)

Having too little PTH causes low levels of calcium and high levels of phosphorus in the body.

Symptoms of hypoparathyroidism also include:

  • Dry skin
  • Muscle cramps
  • Brittle nails
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Menstrual pains

3. Anorexia Nervosa

People with anorexia nervosa eat an extremely low-calorie diet and have an excessive fear of gaining weight.

Anorexia nervosa results in extremely low weight and a lot of health problems, symptoms of anorexia nervosa are:

  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Constipation
  • Dry skin
  • Low blood pressure
  • Depression

If you had these symptoms with being really afraid of gaining weight and having problems with your body image, you might be diagnosed with this disease.

Do not be afraid to admit it, because the hardest part of treating this disease is believing that you actually have it.

Best Food For Dry Hair

If your hair is dry, then it needs to be moisturized, and the moisture your dry hair needs might be provided by the food you already have at home.

1. Carrots

Carrots are tasty and full of nutrients, adding carrots to your everyday salad provides you with a lot of health benefits.

Eating carrots provides your hair with vitamins and fights its dryness.

2. Broccoli

Broccoli is actually one of the healthiest vegetables ever, one of the health benefits is that it nourishes your hair an scalp as it contains a lot of nutrients.

3. Fish

Fish comes in different forms, it is tasty and it is very nutritious.

It contains fatty acids and omega-3, that is very important for your hair’s health.

4. Meat And Poultry

Meat and poultry are a main source of protein, also, they provide your hair with other nutrients like iron.

As a result, they help in providing oxygen for your hair.

5. Whole Grains

Whole grains with their different types like rice, oats, and popcorn are all very healthy to your body.

They contain a lot of nutrients and they protect from several diseases.

Eating whole grains strengthens your hair and protects it from dryness.

6. Dairy Products

Milk and its products like cheese, yogurt, and butter are very important for your body.

They are a source of protein, potassium, calcium and vitamins and other nutrients.

Consuming dairy products is very beneficial for your hair and it helps treating hair dryness.

7. Water

It is a matter of fact that our bodies need about eight cups of water per day.

Getting enough water helps the body to function and to stay healthy and it protects it from several diseases as well.

One of the benefits of drinking enough water and staying hydrated is that it protects your hair from getting dry.

Dry Hair Masks

  • Coconut oil and honey mask
  • Olive oil and avocado mask
  • Egg, mayonnaise, olive oil, and honey mask
  • Apple cider, vinegar, lemon, and honey mask
  • Banana and honey mask

3. Greasy Hair

As we mentioned, the scalp secrets oil called “sebum”, which is really important for the hair’s health.

However, over secretion of sebum is not good for the hair, as it causes the hair to be greasy.

Greasy Hair Tips

The following tips might help your hair to be less greasy.

1. Do Not Over Wash Your Hair

Majority of people think that greasy hair should be washed everyday, which is not right.

When your hair is greasy, it always feels oily, which makes you feel that you need to wash it a lot, even if you’ve just washed it.

However, greasy hair should not be washed a lot, because when the scalp is washed from oils, it works on replacing them, which makes your hair more greasy.

2. Only Condition Your Hair Ends

Conditioner is very good to the hair and it gives it a lot of benefits, however, over conditioning your greasy hair is not good.

Also, when applying hair conditioner, do not apply it to your hair roots, as it makes your hair more oily.

Only apply the conditioner from the mid-shaft to the ends of your hair.

3. Apply Baby Powder

Put some baby powder on your hair roots and start rubbing them, it will make your hair less oily.

If you find the white color of baby powder annoying, mix it with some cocoa.

4. Stop Touching Your Hair

Just like your hair, your face and your fingers also produce oils.

So, by touching your face and then touch your hair using your fingers, you can transfer these oils to your hair, which makes it more oily.

Health Conditions That Cause Greasy Hair

Having extra oil can be a symptom for a certain disease or health condition, such as:

1. Hormonal Fluctuations

Keka Heron, the celebrity hairstylist, agrees: “Your hormones being out of balance can lead to a greasy hair and scalp.

Hormones become out of balance due to genetics, medications, and temporary conditions such as pregnancy and other environment changes/factors.”

2. Lack Of Vitamin B

Vitamin B is actually very important for different functions of the body.

One of the reasons why vitamin D is important is that it is directly linked with the production of sebum.

Getting more vitamin B either through food or medications might be a way to balance your secretion of sebum which causes oily hair.

Best Food For Greasy Hair

Some foods work on making your hair less oily, and they are very available and affordable, like:

1. Sunflower Seeds

In addition to being a very tasty snack, sunflower seeds also have a lot of health benefits and are very nutritious.

Sunflower seeds work on regulating the secretion of sebum, as a result, eating more of it can make your hair less greasy.

2. Oats

Oats make a great, tasty and nutritious breakfast, it provides the body with a lot of health benefits and energy.

One of oats benefits is that it also regulates sebum production.

3. Almonds

Almonds are from nuts that are loved by almost everyone, they taste good and they can be eaten as a snack or as an ingredient of different meals.

In addition to being tasty, almonds is very good for preventing the hair from being greasy, as it also contains vitamins that regulate production of sebum.

4. Paprika

Paprika is one of the most delicious and also nutritious spices ever, it contains of different types of vitamins.

As a result, paprika regulates sebum production and works against greasy hair.

Greasy Hair Masks

  • lemon essential oil mask
  • Egg white mask
  • Aloe vera mask
  • Green tea mask

4. Dandruff

Dandruff is a condition of the scalp that causes flakes of skin to appear.

It is actually one of the most annoying problems, it gives an unpleasant look and feeling as well.

Dandruff Tips

As a matter of fact, dandruff is one of the problems that are easy to fix, following these tips might help you with dandruff:

1. Stop Scratching Your Scalp

Unfortunately, dandruff gives an annoying and an itchy feeling, which makes you want to scratch your scalp all the time.

However, even if scratching your scalp makes you feel comfortable, but it is not actually good for you.

Feeling itchy actually comes from irritation from dandruff, scratching increases this irritation.

2. Get More Sun Light

Sunlight is actually beneficial to your whole body, not only for your hair.

Exposing your hair to the sunlight helps suppress the fungus that causes dandruff.

3. Brush Your Hair More

If you do not brush your hair or you think it is not necessary, you are totally wrong.

Not brushing your hair can has a lot of negative effects on it, one of these effects is causing dandruff.

4. Reduce Using Hair Dryer

Too much using of hair dryer is very harmful to your hair, and unfortunately, a lot of people are almost addicted to it.

Too much hair drying can actually increase the dandruff problem, try to use it less.

5. Wash Your Hair

Under Washing your hair is very harmful to it, whatever your hair type is, know how often should you wash it and do not wash it less.

Washing your hair more can be one of the ways to reduce your dandruff.

Health Conditions That Cause Dandruff

Having dandruff may be a reflection to having a certain health problem, such as:

1. Stress

Being stressed is one of the most common psychological problems that also affect physical health.

If you are stressed, you can get dandruff as a result of this.

2. Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, you are more exposed to having dandruff, especially in winter.

3. Sensitivity To Hair Products

If your scalp is sensitive to certain hair care products, it can produce dandruff as a response.

Best Food For Dandruff

Since dandruff is not a big problem and treating it is not too hard, it can be treated just by how you eat.

Here are some types of food that can work on decreasing dandruff.

1. Apples

Apples are from the healthiest fruits ever, they are very tasty as well.

They contain a lot of nutrients and they protect from different diseases.

One of the benefits of apples is that they can treat dandruff.

2. Ginger

Ginger has a lot of benefits, one of them is that it works on improving digestion.

Having digestion problems might be a reason behind having dandruff, so, treating them can fix dandruff problem.

3. Bananas

Bananas are actually very high in nutrients, they provide the body with vitamins, fibers,  zinc, potassium and iron.

They are very tasty and healthy, in addition to being very good for treating dandruff.

4. Garlic

Garlic can be an ingredient of many meals, it gives a special taste to the food.

Also, garlic is very healthy, one of the health benefits of garlic is fighting dandruff.

Dandruff Masks

  • Yogurt, lemon and honey mask
  • Green tea and peppermint essential oil mask
  • Banana, honey, lemon, and olive oil mask


Healthy hair gives you a lot of self-confidence and also comfort, understand your hair type and treat it suitably.



Your skin is actually way more important than you think, in addition to being just a coverage to your body, it has a lot of functions.

Functions of the skin are:

  • Protection of the body
  • Sensation
  • Transmitting information about surroundings to the brain
  • Temperature regulation

In addition to the benefits of the skin, having a good looking skin means a lot to almost everyone.

In order to have a healthy and good looking skin requires understanding your skin type and knowing how to deal with it.

Skin Types  

Skin types are actually five main types, identifying which type your skin is very important.

  • Oily skin: Having oily skin means that your skin over secret sebum, which gives an extra shiny look to the skin.
  • Dry Skin: Dry skin means that your skin suffers from lack of moisture.
  • Normal Skin: If you have normal skin, it simply means that your skin is not oily and is not dry too.
  • Combination Skin: Having a combination skin is like having two or more different types of skin together in different parts of your body.
  • Sensitive Skin: Having sensitive skin is having an oily, dry or combination skin in addition to redness and irritation.

Skin Problems

Our skin gets negatively affected by a lot of factors, as a result it suffers from several problems that give an annoying look and feeling too.

1. Whiteheads

Whiteheads are a form of acne, they appear as small “clogged pores” containing a thick white liquid.

They happen when the pores on the skin are clogged with dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria.

Whiteheads and actually appear anywhere, on the nose, chin, forehead, chest, back, shoulders or arms.

Whiteheads Tips

These are very simple tips that can make you avoid the appearance of whiteheads.

1. Wash Your Face At Night

Washing your face is actually very important for your skin, it cleans your face from extra oils, dead cells and impurities.

2. Use Lukewarm Water For Washing Your Skin

Using hot water for washing your skin can open up pores, on the other hand, using cold water closes them down.

So, using lukewarm is the best go to when it comes to showering or cleaning any part of your skin.

3. Exfoliate Few Times A Week

Exfoliating helps your skin get rid of dead skin that can clog the pores.

Too much exfoliating might also cause other skin problems, exfoliate for two or three times, unless your skin is sensitive, exfoliate only for once a week.

4. Wash Your Hair Regularly

Your hair touches your face all the time, and it produces oils too.

Oils in your hair can also clog the pores of the face, especially when your hair is long.

Washing your hair cleans it from these extra oils, wash your hair regularly and focus on keeping your hair products from your face.

5. Keep Your Mobile, Pillow And Glasses Clean

Your mobile, pillow, glasses and anything that usually touch your face must always be clean.

Dirt and bacteria accumulated on these objects can also clog the pores.

6. Do Not Sleep With Your Makeup On

Majority of girls come back home too lazy to clean their makeup before sleeping.

Sleeping with your makeup really harms your face and increases your risks of having whiteheads.

7. Never Pop Your Whiteheads

Popping whiteheads is a very bad and uncontrollable habit that almost all of us do.

However, it is actually very harmful, it can lead to infections and increase whiteheads.

Health Conditions That Cause Whiteheads

The appearance of whiteheads on your skin might be a result of a disease or a health condition you have.

1. Stress

Studies have shown that there is a relation between how stressed you are and how whiteheads appear on your skin.

If you’re stressed, your probability of having whiteheads increases.

2. Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes that happen as a result of puberty, pregnancy, menstrual cycle or any other reason can also be a result of the appearance of whiteheads.

Best Food For Whiteheads

Your skin is affected by what you eat, and there are some food that can work against whiteheads, such as:

1. Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables with their different types are a very good source of fibers, vitamins and a lot of nutrients.

They are both very available and they have a lot of benefits, one of them is fighting whiteheads.

2. Nuts

Nuts are from the healthiest snacks to rely on, in addition to being delicious and healthy snacks, they are really good for treating whiteheads.

3. Fatty Fish

Fatty fish like salmon and tuna are also very nutritious, and they are good for whiteheads too.

Whiteheads Masks

  • Apple cider vinegar mask
  • Lemon juice mask
  • Tea tree oil mask
  • Honey mask

2. Blackheads

Blackheads are small bumps that appear on your skin due to clogged hair follicles.

They can appear anywhere on the body, but they mostly appear on the face.

Blackheads Tips

Treating blackheads is actually very common with treating whiteheads.

  • Wash your skin regularly
  • Exfoliate few times a week
  • Do not scratch/pop your blackheads
  • Do not sleep with your makeup on

Health Conditions That Cause Blackheads

Blackheads are also common with whiteheads in appearing as a result to hormonal changes.

Best Food For Blackheads

Food that almost prevents the appearance of blackheads is also the same of whiteheads.

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Fatty fish

Blackheads Masks

  • Egg white mask
  • Cinnamon and honey mask
  • Baking soda and water mask
  • Sugar scrub

3. Cellulite

Cellulite is the dimpled appearance of the skin that some people have on their hips, thighs, and buttocks.

Cellulite Tips

Here are some simple tips that can help prevent or reduce the cellulite problem:

1. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is actually great for your body, and as a matter of fact, you should drink about eight glasses of water a day.

Getting enough water can work on reducing cellulite and also preventing it.

2. Massage

Massaging in circular movements over areas with cellulite few times per week can help to break down the fatty deposits that cause the dimpled appearance.

3. Move More

Moving your body through waking, running or exercising is very important for reducing cellulite.

Health Conditions That Cause Cellulite

Cellulite can actually be caused by:

1. Poor Nutrition

Not eating healthy and nutritious food can be a reason behind having cellulite.

2. Hormonal Changes

The hormonal changes that happen in your body as a result of pregnancy, for example, are also a reason behind having cellulite.

Best Food For Cellulite

The following food can work effectively on reducing cellulite:

1. Bananas

Bananas are very nutritious and also tasty fruits, they also can help on reducing cellulite.

2. Ginger

When it comes to food that treats cellulite, ginger is really great.

It works on boosting blood flow and destroying toxins.

3. Oily Fish

Oily fish like salmon or sardines are full of omega-3 fatty acids, which works on strengthening the skin and reducing cellulite.

Cellulite Masks

  • Baby oil, lemon and almond oil mask.
  • Apple cider vinegar mask.
  • Lavender and almond oil mask.
  • Lemon and honey mask.


Skin problems are very annoying, and avoiding these problems needs a very special and careful treatment to it.

Avoid habits that cause skin problems and treat them wisely if they existed.


The nail is a horn-like keratinous envelope covering the tips of the fingers and toes.

Nails are made of a protective protein called alpha-keratin which is the same protein found in hair.

Nails Problems


We all care of how our nails look, they affect how our hands and feet look, so, we should take care of them and understand their problems.

1. Not Growing Nails

Long nails are a dream to the majority of girls, and having a not growing nails is one of the most annoying problems ever.

Here are some tips to put in consideration to fix this problem:

1. Stop Biting Your Nails

Biting nails is one of the most harmful habits, a lot of people are addicted to biting their nails when they are under stress or even for no reason!

This habit is one of the reasons why your nails do not grow, try to stop it.

2. Moisturize Your Nails

Non moisturized nails usually find it hard to grow normally, focus on moisturizing your nails everyday before sleeping using essential oils or any moisturizers.

3. Eat Well

Make sure that you are getting the right intake of nutrients needed for your body.

Your nails need protein, iron, magnesium, omega-3, vitamins and zinc to grow properly.

Health Conditions That Cause Not Growing Nails

Your slowly growing nails might be a symptom to one of the following health conditions:

1. Deficiency In Nutrients

Deficiency in calcium, vitamins or iron is a factor that affects nails growth.

If you are not getting the right intake of them, your nails growth rate might be slower.

2. Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes that happen in your body are also an effective reason why your nails grow slower.

3. Poor Circulation

Poor circulation prevents the body from getting enough nutrients and oxygen it needs, as a result, it slows down nails growth process.

Best Food For Not Growing Nails

Here are some foods that work on increasing nails growth rate.

1. Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are very good for treating slowly growing nails problem as they are full of vitamins needed for them.

2. Eggs

Eggs are actually the main source of protein, which is very good for improving nail growth.

3. Fatty Fish

Fatty fish like salmon is very good for nail growth, as they contain omega-3.

Not Growing Nails Masks

  • Olive oil mask
  • Coconut oil mask
  • Lemon mask
  • Tomatoes mask

2. White Spots On Nails

White spots on the nails are an indication of a condition called leukonychia.

These white spots are not usually caused by bad habits, however, here are few tips to treat white spots:

1. Reduce Applying Nail Polish

Too much nail polish and nail polish remover may be harmful for your nail, it can cause discoloration and appearance of white spots.

2. Increase Your Intake Of Calcium And Vitamins

Lack of calcium and vitamins is one of the main reasons for having white spots on your nails, focus on food that are high in calcium and vitamins.

3. See Your Doctor

If you think you’re not having white spots as a result of using too much nail polish or lack of calcium and vitamins, see your doctor.

White spots might be a reflection of a more serious disease.

Health Conditions That Cause White Spots

White spots on nails might be a symptom to one of the following diseases:

1. Anemia

Suffering from anemia and iron deficiency is one of the causes of white spots on nails, make sure you’re getting the right iron intake.

2. Diabetes

The appearance of white spots on nails might be one of the symptoms of diabetes.

3. Genetics

Hereditary factors might be the reason behind the appearance of white spots on nails.

Best Food For White Spots

Treating white spots requires eating food that contains nutrients like zinc, calcium, vitamins, and protein.

1. Dairy Products

Drinking milk and eating cheese yogurt or butter is very important for treating white spots.

2. Mushrooms

Mushroom is very high in protein, vegetarians consider mushroom a substitute of meat.

Also, mushroom is very good for treating white spots on nails.

3. Nuts

In addition to being tasty, nuts have a lot of health benefits, one of them is treating white spots that appear on nails.

White Spots Masks

  •  White vinegar and water mask
  • Coconut oil mask
  • Olive oil mask

3. Breaking And Peeling Nails

Suffering from breaking and peeling nails is one of the most annoying problems, it gives an unattractive look to the hands, and it might also hurt.

The following tips might work on fixing breaking and peeling nails problem.

1. Wear Gloves When Washing The Dishes

Frequent exposure to water and detergents is harmful to your nails, it makes it weaker and more easy to break.

Wear gloves when washing the dishes in order to protect your nails.

2. Reduce Applying Nail Polish

Too much nail polish and nail polish remover as well is not good for your nails,  chemicals in these products makes your nails weaker by time.

3. Moisturize

Our daily activities require too much exposure to water, which might be a reason why your nails are breaking.

Moisturizing your nails might treat water’s effect.

Health Conditions That Cause Breaking And Peeling Nails

Here are some diseases that can be a reason why your nails are weaker, which leads to their breaking and peeling,

1. Thyroidal Diseases

Hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism can cause your nails to break and peel.

2. Diabetes

Suffering from Diabetes is also one of the reasons why nails get broken and peeled.

3. Nutrients Deficiency

Lack of certain nutrients like protein, vitamins and minerals is a main reason behind nails breaking and peeling.

Best Food For Nails Breaking And Peeling

Focusing on some foods provides your nails with nutrients they need, these food include:

1. Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables provide nails with minerals, vitamins and a lot of other nutrients that give it strength and treat its breaking.

2. Meat

Meat is actually the main source of protein, which is one of the nutrients that fights nails breaking and peeling.

3. Nuts

Nuts with their different types are very high in nutrients, and they work effectively on treating nails breaking and peeling.

Breaking And Peeling Nails Masks

  • Aloe-vera Mask
  • Olive oil mask
  • Banana Mask
  • Coconut oil Mask


Having healthy and good looking nails affect how healthy and good looking your hands and feet are.

Also, having a nail problem might reflect a serious issue, take care of your nails and pay attention to their problems.

To Wrap Up

Whatever your hair or skin type, and however your nails look, you should be confident in your own skin.

But, accepting yourself does not mean ignoring health problems and not treating them correctly.

Your hair, skin and nails health can be improved through your food or the masks you apply, also, they might be treated by treating another health problem.

Simply, understand what your body is trying to tell you and avoid habits that might hurt it.


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