How to lose weight according to your age and stay in a healthy shape

How to lose weight according to your age and stay in a healthy shape

As we know that our weight shapes a huge percentage of our appearance, so all people seek to have an accepted impression.

As a result, their interest goes to their weight to achieve their target. 

How to lose weight? It based on some factors. Yeah, it depends on age and gender.

It means that the ways of losing weight are different from kids, adolescent, men, women, and aging.  

So, we will present ways and exercises for the upcoming standards which are kinds, adolescent, women, men and aging.

The first standard is kids.

At this standard, we will talk directly to the mother, because she is the essential coordinator of losing weight process.

We will choose the most effective steps to help your son or daughter to lose their weight.

First thing, we will divide all the childhood period to three stages which from one to six, seven to eleven, and twelve to seventeen.

Before starting our steps, we have to mention that setting a plan for any age is a very important and supportive matter.

The first stage is from 1 to 6 years old

Restrict junk food

As we know that fast food is more likely to have extra calories and fats which are risk factors for gaining weight.

As a result, as acting like a coordinator, you have to put an end for this.

Avoid sugary drinks

At childhood, you can create your son or daughter’s habits easily. In other words, you can provide a healthy drink instead of an unhealthy one.

For instance, you can replace swap soda, juice, and sports drinks with healthy shakes and water until turning to a fixed habit.

As a result, the relation between your son or daughter and sugary drinks will be a limited one.

Create an eating pattern

You can also make your child used to eat three meals only per day, which are breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Besides, allow two snacks.

This method will shape a habit which is, eating once you’re Hungary only.

As a result, he or she will be less likely to overeat.

Shape a healthy plate

Fill your child’s plate with healthy components as fruits, vegetables, trade white bread, rice, and pasta.

Because all these materials have fiber which can help your child feel full for longer.

The second stage is from 7 to 11 years old

Fill your fridge with nutritious foods

At this age, your child will be able to pick a snack, so you have to participate in this.

So, you can put healthy fruits in your fridge, but also do not restrict the unhealthy snacks.

According to Datto, G. “It’s easier for your child to make the right choice when they’re deciding between an apple or banana instead of an apple or cookie”.

In other words, give your child the right of opting, and you have to know that if you restrict some kind of food, may increase his or her desire to choose it.

So, what you have to do is, providing healthy food and then suggest them in purpose to help your child to opt them with his or herself.

Put rules for using TV and computer

Watching TV and using the computer for a prolonged period have two negative effects on your child’s weight which are eating more and staying away from doing activities.

For example, when your child starts to eat during watching TV, he does not notice how much he or she ate. As a result, he or she will eat more than the normal.

For instance, using the computer to play games can be a risk factor to restrict your child in one place.

In other words, your child will ignore doing daily life activity as walking or running or being in a team sport as basketball and volleyball.

As a result, you have to select a time for using a TV and computer in purpose to protect your child from being obese.

In addition to that, you can make a schedule for walking 30 min per day or playing one activity in purpose to encourage your child to practice healthy habits.

Be a role model

At this age, your child starts to imitate his father or his mother, so you have to give attention to your meals for a very important reason which is trust.

In other words, if you ask your child to eat fruits, you have to avoid eating chips or unhealthy snacks in front of him or her in purpose to encourage him to obey your request.

The third stage from 11 to 17 years old

Take care about psychological status

You have to choose your words while talking to your child. In other words, you have to focus on the health instead of weight.

For example, when you give an order to your child you have to say “eat fruits to get a healthy eating pattern” instead of saying “eat fruits to lose your weight”.

This will shape a difference to motivate your child instead of depressing him or her, so you have to give an attention to your way of talking.

Eating with family

According to WebMD, “kids who had family mealtimes at least three times a week were 24% more likely to eat healthy foods than those who didn’t”.

In other words, as a family, you have to make eating with your sons and daughters as a daily habit to maintain their health.

In addition to that, children who eat in their home with their family are more likely to eat healthy food, so they will avoid eating junk or unhealthy food.

Now, we will highlight some exercises to enhance your child’s physical activity

  1.  take him or her on a tour around your home with your dog.
  2.  enroll him or her in sports team as basketball or volleyball.
  3.  encourage him or her to take lessons in swimming.
  4.   minimize the number of hours spent watching TV.

The second standard is adolescent

At this age, all the adolescents’ interest goes to entertainment without caring about any healthy lifestyle.

In other words, they will be more likely to eat junk food and sugary drinks which are rich in calories and fats.

As a result, we will present five steps as a guide to have a healthy eating pattern.

Do not skip meals

Some people think that once they eat one or two meals, they will lose weight because of skipping a meal, but it is a wrong concept, so let’s fix it.

You have to eat healthy food not less amount, so you have to consume the three meals plus small ones of protein.

In addition to that, some teens do not take their breakfast regarding their busy schedule and their wrong concept of breakfast.

They think that if they miss breakfast, they will skip more calories. In contrast, some studies show that people who take their breakfast have lower BMI.

As a result, as a mature, you have to know more about the right habits to lose weight on purpose to avoid misunderstanding.

Drink water

To forget drinking water is a common matter among people especially in winter, so you have to know how water is important to your body.

Firstly, it helps you to avoid dehydration. In other words, it keeps your body skin in a good status.

Secondly, it has a major role to remove the toxins from your body.

So, you have to be aware of your body’s need for water or to drink at least three liters per day in purpose to gain its privileges.

Consequently, your body will be filled with a healthy liquid which is water instead of soda or sugary drink.

In other words, once your body obeys its thirsty need with water, it will get rid of drinking sugary ones.

So, we have hints for helping you to remember water during your busy day.

  1.    Download a water app which gives you a notification to drink
  2.    Prepare your bottle at night
  3.    Use sticky notes on your office during studying
  4.    Put a bottle on the office

As a result, your water’s consumption will increase regularly which helps you to avoid drinks which are rich in calories.

In case your body gets bored to drink water, you can drink Green tea which is also a great option to lose weight.

stop eating at night

As we know that adolescents are more likely to get depressed regarding the changes that they face, so they escape to food.

In other words, they eat for two reasons which are depression and hunger, so we have to put an end to this.

Firstly, you have to differentiate between you’re hungry, you’re free, and you’re depressed in purpose to avoid eating over the normal amount.

Secondly, you have to finish your three main meals before 8:00 pm for a reason which is the metabolic process.

In other words, the metabolic rate reduces at night which causes fats stored in your body at night.

Once you follow these steps, you will lose your weight fast

Nutrients enrollment

You have to follow a healthy eating style in purpose to avoid gaining weight, so we will recommend some nutrients to helps you to eat healthier.

Firstly, High Fiber Foods

You have to opt for high fiber food because of its role in losing weight.

In other words, fiber is considered as anti-hunger which reduces the appetite and help you to feel full for a prolonged period.

As a result, you will be less likely to get calories, fats, and sugary food.

Here are some fiber sources

  1. Beans
  2. Whole grains
  3. Brown rice
  4. Popcorn
  5. Nuts
  6. Baked potato with skin
  7. Berries
  8. Bran cereal
  9. Oatmeal
  10. Vegetables

Secondly, protein

It has two effective roles in losing weight which are:

Stabilize Your Energy Levels and Appetite

Protein has a major role in decreasing the rate of the digestion process. In other words, it helps you to feel full for a long time.

Burn Calories More Effectively

For example, if you get 100 calories, protein has the ability to burn from 25 to 30 calories during the digestion process.

Here are some sources of protein

We have various sources to find proteins, so you can reach them feasibly in purpose to enroll them to your diet.

The first source is animal’s products as lean meat, beef sirloin steak, chicken, skinless breast, and poultry.

The second source is dairy products as cottage cheese, skim milk, low-fat plain yogurt, and cheddar.

The third source is grain as bread, muffin, flaked cereal, popcorn, and flour tortilla.

The fourth source is seeds as beans and peas, soy products, and unsalted nuts.

Do Exercise

To take doing exercises as a habit, will motivate you to get a healthy lifestyle.

In other words, there are two benefits behind doing exercises which are burning calories and being fit

For example, if you use the walker for 15 min, you will burn around 150 calories. So, it is an effective way to get rid of calories.

As we know that, doing exercises strengthen our bones and shape our body.

In other words, we can reach tip-top shape through doing exercises.

So, it will be preferable if you do exercise 4 times per week in purpose to gain all the previous privileges.

Finally, after finishing two standards which are kids and adolescents, we will move to men and women in purpose to provide a guide for losing weight.

As we know that women and men’s standards are more likely to pay attention to their body because they always seek acceptance and attention.

As a result, we will provide an holistic view for both of them in purpose to cover all the needed information regarding losing weight or being in top-tip shape.

The third standard is Men

Here are five steps as a guide for men in purpose to lose their weight without any defects.

Build muscles

According to Venuto, “maintaining muscle mass is really the key to keeping your body lean and healthy”.

In other words, there is an important relation between building muscles and losing weight.

There is a positive correlation between muscles existing and metabolic process.

In other words, the more muscle you build the higher your metabolism which means that muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue does.

Medical guide

Before starting your diet, you have to visit your doctor in purpose to avoid any health deterioration or any unexpected results.

For example, you will more likely to, feel colder, have trouble sleeping, or get depressed.

Feel colder

According to Apovian, “this common weight loss complaint has to do with your metabolic rate and hormone changes”.

In other words, after losing weight, your metabolic rate will reduce, so your body will use calories to save the energy.

As a result, there are no calories to keep your body warm, so you feel colder.

Another effect of losing weight, your body is depended on fats which are existing under the skin to be protected from the temperature changes.

As a result, once your body loses these fats, it will be more sensitive to temperature changes as cold

Trouble sleeping

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, “The basics of sleep come down to a chemical called adenosine, which builds up in your body before a rise in melatonin”.

In other words, it might be a harsh matter to fall in sleep if you follow a diet in purpose to lose weight because of chemical changes.

According to INSIDER, “If you want to sleep well at night you want your tryptophan levels to go up, and the way to do that is to have little carbohydrates with protein and, that will increase tryptophan levels in the brain and melatonin”.

In other words, your body always in need of sources of carbs and proteins in purpose to avoid any chemical changes which cause sleep disturbance.

Get depressed

According to the study which done at the University College London, “people who dropped more than 5% of their body weight were 52% more likely to report a depressed mood than those who stayed within 5% of their original weight”.

In other words, there is a relation between losing weight and being depressed. If you ask about the reason, the answer will be the expectation.

Simply, people who put high expectation in losing weight and then get low expected outcomes, they will be more likely to get depressed.

As a result, before starting your diet, you have to find a medical guide in purpose to avoid any psychological or physical problems.

Taking a supplement with fish oil

According to a 2010 study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, “Fish oil supplementation can lead to an extra drop in fat mass and an increase in muscle gain”.

In other words, supplement with fish oil helps you to decrease fat mass and increase muscle mass which has role in losing weight.

Eat more lean protein

There are two important roles in losing weight which stabilize your energy levels and appetite and burn Calories more effectively.

In other words, protein has a major role in decreasing the rate of the digestion process which means that it helps you to feel full for a long time.

For example, if you get 100 calories, protein has the ability to burn from 25 to 30 calories during the digestion process.

Moreover, it also prevents any muscle loss that might happen during a caloric deficit.

Drinking water

According to a 2003 Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism study, “Drinking two cups of cold water can increase metabolism by 30% within 40 minutes”.

In other words, there is an effective result behind drinking water which is the increase of metabolism’s rate which helps you to get rid of fat feasibly.

As a result, all the previous steps can help you in losing weight process in purpose to reach tip-top shape without any negative consequences. So, you can take these steps as a guide.

The fourth standard is, women

As we know that being in top-tip shape is a priority for some women, so we will present tips for losing weight in purpose to help women in reaching suitable weight.

Here are five tips which are recommended for women who already lost 100 pounds

Avoid junk food

As we know that junk food is not as healthy as the food which is made in our homes.

In other words, we do not know the integrations sources which are used in junk food’s preparations.

For example, tomato sauce, we do not know that the used tomatoes are good or rotten ones.

In addition to that, we cannot be sure that this food is cooked in good ways or not.

For instance, there is a special way to cook lean protein in purpose to keep its good nutrients, but we do not know how the restaurants cook it.

Moreover, add various types of spices is the main part while restaurants prepare their food, but this matter is not a useful matter for your diet

So, we need to minimize the quantity of junk food and start to cook in our homes with healthy integrations and ways in purpose to keep your diet on track.

Eating salad

If you take salad as a corer part in your diet, it will influence your diet and health positively.

Even this salad includes vegetables or fruits, this will support you while you’re on diet.

In other words, vegetables provide several nutrients like potassium, dietary fiber, folate, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

Fibers called bulking agents because of its role in reducing our appetite which gives us the feeling of not hunger.

Moreover, most of the vegetables are poor in fat and calories which is good for your diet.

Additionally, fruits are free of saturated fat or cholesterol which harms your heart. Moreover, they are rich in antioxidant nutrients which protect your arteries and heart.

As a result, eating fruit salad or vegan one helps you to obtain a high level of fiber, and low level of calories which is good for your diet.

Start in a simple manner

We know that at the diet’s beginning is filled with determination and motivation, so we have to use this in a good way of purpose keep it to the end.

Now, you ask how you can do this

The answer is, take it smoothly. For instance, if you decide to do exercise besides your diet, start the walk for twenty minutes, not one hour.

As a result, you will preserve energy for the upcoming times, besides you will increase the time of walking gradually.

So, if you want to start a new and useful food habit, do not be overloaded in its beginning in order to keep it for a long time.

Eat balanced meals

According to Cleveland Clinic, “if your diet requires 1500 calories, it has to include from 150 calories to 525 calories from protein, 170 to 245 grams of carbohydrates, and 300 calories to 525 calories from fats”.

In other words, there are specific ranges for protein, carbs, and fats.

Your body’s protein need:

To obtain a healthy diet, your diet should include from ten to thirty-five percent of calories from protein sources.

In addition to that, you have to know that one gram of protein equals four calories.

For example, if your diet requires 1500 calories, it has to include from 150 calories to 525 calories from protein.

As a result, you need 38 to 131 grams of protein per day to meet your balanced diet’s need.

Your body’s Carbohydrates need:

Making a balanced diet needs from ten to thirty-five percent of calories from protein, and from fifty to sixty percent of calories from carbohydrates.

Moreover, you have to know that one gram carbohydrates equal four calories.

For instance, if your diet should include 1500 calories, it has to include from 675 to 975 calories from carbs.

As a result, you need from 170 to 245 grams of carbohydrates in purpose to meet your diet’s requirements.

Your body’s fats need:

To obtain the suitable fats’ range for your diet, you have to provide about 30 percent of calories from fats.

Moreover, you have to know that fats are the most nutrients in including calories. In other words, one gram of fats equals nine calories.

For example, if your diet should include 1500 calories, it has to include from 300 calories to 525 calories from fats.

As a result, you need from 33 to 58 grams of fat per day to meet your diet’s need.

Do exercise

There is no doubt that doing exercise has a vital role to lose your weight regularly. In other words, we are able to burn calories through walking or running.

According to popsugar, “many calories you can burn in that short amount of time”. In other words, there are more than one activity help you to burn calories in five minutes.

For example in a short 5 minutes, Aerobics class burns 39, Ashtanga yoga burns 25, Biking at a pace of 14-16 mph burns 52ز

The fifth standard is Aging

It seems hard to lose weight after 60 or 70 age, so we will present four ways to facilitate the ways of losing weight.

Your food intake

According to WebMD, “the metabolic process at the aging age is slower in rate than youth age”. In other words, if your food intake is high at the youth age and your metabolic rate is high, you will be less likely to gain weight.

In contrast, if you eat with the same rate at the aging age, but your metabolic rate is lower, you will be more likely to gain weight.

As a result, you have to take care of your intake in purpose to avoid weight gaining in general.

So, you have to eat a high amount of meals and snacks, and you don’t wait more than 3 hours without eating.

Notice water amount

According to WebMD, “As you get older, you may not be as quick to notice when you’re thirsty”.

In other words, you ignore that you’re thirsty, and you stay for a prolonged time without drinking.

This ignoring has two negative effects which are dehydration and hunger.

Simply, once you drink water, it helps you to reduce your food amounts.

So, if you drink less, you will eat more. In addition to that, your skin will be non-intact due to lack of water exists.

So, you have to drink your daily amount of water to keep your skin is intact and your food amount is low.

Protein intake

According to Meadow, A, a registered dietitian in Baltimore, “people continue to eat the same way when they’re in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s, not even noticing they’re not as active and they’ve lost muscle mass”.

In other words, people follow the same style of eating through different ages without giving attention to their physical changes or abilities.

Simply, once you lost your muscles mass, your metabolic rate will decrease which mean fewer calories burning.

As a result, you have to control eat more protein which is equal to 4 calories to be less likely to gain weight.

Be active

According to U.S.NeWs, “old adult have to make up their minds that they’re going to be active.”

In addition to that, doing exercises help in increasing calories’ burning feasibly which means that you will void gaining weight in 60 or 70 age.  


You can use our words as a guide to lose weight feasibly. You will find every age has a specific steps you have to follow in order to get desirable outcomes. In addition to that, there are some activities in purpose to build a healthy habit beside lose weight.

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