Body reaction is a gigantic opponent against weight loss.

To be on diet is an easy decision, but to survive after facing challenges is already a harsh matter as your body reaction. 

The meaning of facing challenges is that to beat everything may cause any impairment of your diet.

There are several issues are considered as diet obstacles like your body response and your desire to eat at holidays.


How holidays affect your diet adversely?

Many people have the same things to do during their holidays. One of these essential things is eating, so it is an ordinary matter if we notice weight gain after any holiday.

There are many reasons which help holidays to affect your weight adversely.

For example, social and peer pressure, holiday anxieties, and emotional triggers play a major role to gain weight in holidays.

Why I gain weight on holidays?

Social and peer pressure

Visiting your relatives has a bad impact on holidays. In other words, once your family is invited to dinner, they will present various delicious food, but you’re in a diet.

After that, they will obligate you to eat. As a result, you will be under pressure, then you will give a response to their talks.

Holiday anxieties

Holidays put you in a case which called without responsibilities. In other words, you will be free from any tasks, responsibilities, and commitments.

If this period stays for a long time, will cause a depression which leads you to eat without any reasons.

In addition to that, if you already have social or emotional problems, will lead you to the same state which is eating without reasons.

As a result, you have to separate between that you’re hungry, and you have problems in purpose to avoid eating all the time in holidays especially.

Emotional triggers

As we know that holidays is the time to enjoy and celebrate. As a result, they are considered as the best time to hang out with your‏ fiancé‏.

Moreover, your family will invite him to the home, then you will eat together.

If you think about this matter, you will find that every occasion includes eating, food, or sweets which have a negative impact on your weight

As a result, you have to accept that gain weight in holidays is a normal matter, but you can handle it feasibly.

On the other hand, if we focus on something else as hanging out, rebuilt relations, and creating healthy habits, this will be better than focusing on eating.

Your body reaction while you’re on a diet

Your body does not prevent you to make a diet or to lose your weight, but it works to keep the homeostasis of your body.

As a result, hormones start to give reactions and your brain too in purpose to keep your body in stable status.

Six things happen once you follow a diet

The first body reaction is Metabolism reaction

To reach an ideal weight, we have to manage our eating habits in purpose to control calories intake and lose weight. On the other hand, your body gives a reaction to face losing weight.

In other words, the metabolism compensates the burned calorie by storing fats in order to use them as energy.

The second body reaction is Hunger hormones

When your body notices the feeling of hunger, it will secrete hunger hormones in purpose to control this state.

Hunger hormones as leptin and ghrelin motivate your brain to give a reaction in order to feel full.  

In other words, hunger hormones’ mission is delivering a message to the brain about your hunger status.

In addition to that, fat cells are responsible for leptin producing, so once the number of fat cell get minimized, leptin sends a message to your brain that you have to eat.

Additionally, when you lose weight, ghrelin send a message to the brain to inform it that it is the time to have fuel.

As a result, you feel hunger, and start to search for food as a source of fuel for your body in purpose to provide its need.

The third body reaction is Neural circuitry knows

In the normal case, your brain knows how much you eat, but once you lost weight, the part which is responsible for knowing the amount becomes less active.

Simply, neural circuitry work against weight loss which means that they become less active once your body loses weight.

 After that, you will feel hunger, then you will eat. Besides that, your brain will not know how much you eat because the area of the brain which has this mission got tired.

As a result, you will eat over your ordinary amount which causes gain weight instead of losing it.

The fourth body reaction is Genes have role

There is a relation between your genes and the process of losing weight. In addition to that, there are four hundred genes are linked to obesity.

In other words, the challenges that may face you during losing weight can be an inherited one. Simply your genes can be an obstacle to implement your plan in purpose to lose weight.

The fifth body reaction is Anti-lose weight

Your body can work as an anti-lose weight once it notices that your diet plan achieved success.

For example, if you catch any microbe, your immune system starts to fight this microbe to protect you from getting it again, which is actually what your body does.

If you follow a specific strategy to lose weight, your body will recognize it and will fight it in the next time, so you cannot get the same result.

For example, you follow a vegetarian diet and do exercise, then you lost fifteen kilos.

After that, you decide to repeat this plan again, your body will face that, and you will lose less than fifteen.

The sixth body reaction is favorite number

Your body has a selective number of losing weight. For example, your weight is seventy, and you decide to lose weight. After that, you follow a harsh diet, and you do exercise everyday morning.

As a result, you lost fifteen kilo which means that you become fifty-five. Then you tried to repeat this plan to lose more, but you found a difficulty in that.

That is why I said your body has a favorite number. In other words, you will lose this number feasibly, but if you try to raise this number, you will find that a very harsh matter which takes a very long time with double effort.

Six tips to prevent gaining weight in holidays


Do not feel hunger

Convince your mind that you’re not hungry. Besides, do not imagine delicious food in purpose to avoid feel hunger. If these do not work with you, you can drink water before eating.

As a result, your stomach will be filled with water which makes you eat small amounts of food which help you to make control somehow.

Do not focus on food

When all your attention goes to eating, automatically you will search for food every time even you’re not hungry.

For example, if you have a date, you can divert your attention away from food and start to create a conversation.

In addition, if you set alone in your home, think about finishing your tasks than making a delicious meal. By the time, your interest in food will decrease gradually.

Do not eat fast

People who eat fast are more likely to gain weight than who eat with a slow pattern.

For example, we have two once eat with each other, the first one ate one loaf of beard in 3 min, but the second one ate the same loaf in 5 min.

Moreover, the first one will consume a large amount of food which cause gain weight for a long term.

On the other hand, the second one will reach feel full state by consuming little amount of food.

As a result, take your time while you eat because it helps you a lot to avoid hunger and control consuming large amounts of food.

Do not abuse the Buffet

If you’re invited to dinner or occasion which provides food through Buffet, do not pick large amounts of food or use a large plate to put your food in.

Just pick little amounts and avoid sweetie sources. Simply, try to make control on your appetite on these occasions because they play a major role to gain weight.

Do not drink Alcohol or eat sweets

We may face situations obligate us to drink. It is okay to take a greeting cup, but it is not okay to lose the control.

Moreover, we already know that alcohol has calories, so it is a trigger to gain weight.

In addition to that, the same case with sweets. Try to control your choice, I know that it is difficult to avoid sweets at any occasion, but making a control is good for you.

Do not sit all the time

You can go to hang out with your family. This will help you to burn calories and built a healthy tradition in your family.


Finally, your body has a major role to challenge yourself once you’re on diet.

As a result, you have to be aware of the metabolic process, hormones reactions, genes actions, and your body resistance in purpose to handle your plan successfully.

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