Blood Sugar and Weight loss

 What’s blood sugar?

Blood sugar is simply referred to the amount of sugar or glucose in our blood which comes from the food we eat.

There are different kinds of sugar but the sugar in our blood is known as glucose and this sugar is an important source of energy.

Blood sugar levels changes throughout the day. After eating, blood sugar levels rise up and then goes down maybe after an hour.

Blood sugar levels are usually lower before the first meal of the day which is a normal breakfast.

High blood sugar occurs when our body can’t effectively transport sugar from the blood into cells

The Relationship between blood sugar and weight loss

The body can normally regulate the blood sugar in our bloodstream, but something happens that our body loses the ability to regulate its blood sugar properly.

The body has to have a certain amount of sugar in our bloodstream at all times to provide energy to our brain, muscles and other basic functions.

If we have too much sugar in our blood, it’s going to cause problems like nerve damage and if we have too little sugar in our blood, it’s going to make you tired.

You’re not going to have enough energy for our brain. So your body always has to keep a certain amount of sugar in our blood at all times, not too much and not too little.

When we eat a meal, our blood sugar goes up and so our body has to keep all these extra amounts of blood.

Stores it in our fat cells and our muscles cells. So when blood sugar goes up after eating a meal the body increases the level of insulin into our blood.

Then insulin goes up to our fat cells and muscles cells to allow sugar goes into these cells and that’s the way our blood stores sugar in all different cells of our body and then our blood sugar goes down.

After a while when our body uses the amount of sugar in our blood, it needs to get these extra sugar stored in different cells of our body back.

While the body is asking about getting that extra amounts of sugar back, something happens that our body stops listening and becomes less sensitive to insulin.

That causes insulin levels to go up which a big problem because when insulin levels go up, it stops our body from burning fat.

A lot of people think that if you want to go into a diet you just need to cut calories because it’s one of the most effective ways of losing weight, but if your insulin levels are high, your body loses the

ability to burn fats.

So what you have to do, is you have to get the cells of your body to become more sensitive to the insulin and this done through a lot of things.


Causes of imbalanced blood sugar levels

Caffeine: sugar in our blood can rise after having coffee even black coffee that doesn’t have any calories. the same goes for black tea, green tea, and energy drinks.

Chinese food: high-fat food can cause a problem by making your blood sugar rise up for longer, like pizza and french fries and other foods that have a lot of carbs and fat.

Have a bad cold: blood sugar can rise up as the body works to fight up illness. Also taking some medicines can affect our blood sugar.

Stress: being under stress make your body release some hormones that can cause blood sugar to rise. So you need to relax with deep breathing and some exercising. Also, try to change those

things that make you under stress.

Bagels: Eating bagels which are packed up with a lot of carbohydrates effects badly on our blood sugar levels. Also, have a lot of calories.  

Sports drinks: sports drinks are made for fluid replacement< but also they have as much sugar as soda. You can replace it with plain water.

Dried fruits: fruit is a healthy choice but the dried version of fruits has more carbohydrates.

Cold medicines: cold medicines can raise sugar levels in the blood also it has sometimes little sugar or alcohol in them.

Yogurt: foods that have healthy bacteria like such as many types of yogurt can help in controlling blood sugar levels especially light yogurt.

Symptoms associated with a blood sugar imbalance

Craving for sweets or bread, eating sweets that don’t cause any loss in the need for sugar.

Becoming hungry if you miss a meal, need for caffeine to get throughout the day.

Eating makes you exhausted, become dizzy if you miss a meal.

Feeling weak and have no energy for doing anything.

Becoming difficult to lose weight and also the memory becomes not what it used to be.

Always feeling thirsty.

Ways to improve blood sugar balance

Exercises: regular exercise can help in losing weight and increase the sensitivity of insulin. Means that the cells have the ability to use these amounts of sugar in our bloodstream. Exercises also help muscles to use the sugar in our blood for more energy. like walking, running, biking, dancing, swimming and more.

Controlling carb intake: when you eat any food has carbs the body separate these amounts of carbs into a number of sugar sugars, and then the insulin moves the sugars into different cells of our body.

Eating a lot of food that has carbs or having problems with insulin functions makes this process fail and rise up blood sugar levels.

Drinking water: drinking enough water may help you keep your blood sugar amounts within healthy limits.

Also drinking water lower the opportunity for weight gain and decrease diabetes risk.

Control stress levels: as we mentioned before that being under stress makes your body release some hormones that affect blood sugar level badly. So you need to relax with deep breathing and

some exercising.

Monitors blood sugar levels: measuring and monitoring blood sugar levels also can help in controlling them.

That helps you to determine whether you need to make adjustments in meals and functions. It also helps you to find out who our body reacts to certain meals or medicines.

Get enough sleep: getting enough sleep is necessary for good health, poor sleeping habits and lack of rest also affects blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity badly.

They increase appetite and also increase the opportunity of weight gain. Also, sleep deprivation decrease the release of certain hormones that affect blood sugar control.

Vegan diet: in the case of high blood sugar levels you can follow vegetables based diet. People who have switched to the vegan diet had better blood sugar control and needed less insulin.

Avoiding any source of heat: when you exposed to heat that makes our blood sugar levels harder to control so blood sugar levels goes up and down making it imbalanced.


There‘s a big relationship between the amounts of sugar in our bloodstream and weight loss. So you need to be aware of the causes and reasons for making blood sugar swing between high levels and low levels.

The most popular of these reasons are drinking caffeine, sports drinks, have a cold and last but not least being under stress.

Also, you need to know symptoms refers to that your blood sugar levels are imbalanced.

There are a lot of ways that will improve blood sugar balance like practicing exercises, drinking a lot of water, controlling your stress levels and also have enough sleep.

So finally, if you are interested in weight loss you need to watch out your blood sugar levels.

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