banana shake recipes to help maximize weight loss: stunning facts

Summer will soon get on the run. Advertising for dietary regimes is heated up on the social media channels and weight loss related websites.

People get active during the summer. They set up their summer goals and start right away to plan for them.

Recently, weight loss turned out to be a global trend even for healthy people. Saying that, they head off and dig deep to find the one, the dream diet system.

In their pursuit, people usually target a dietary strategy that combines very three expected factors; low time-consuming dietary plan with highly cost-effective recipes and food that spread them with the entire fullness and self-relief.

Time is always a huge concern. As we all are in a hurry to see the outcomes for what we suffer for.

Therefore; a dietary plan with long-term results will not probably work out with the majority of people.

As it is known, cost proceeds everything. Dietitians put a huge emphasis on the budget of the diet systems they propose to the patients to guarantee the effectiveness of their methods.

Also, People seeking weight loss are meant to fight a nature they used to constantly feed which is the high consumption of food.

Frequently and along their war, they may get exposed to mood changes, depression, and low self-esteem.

Therefore; food with competitive sweet taste should be considered so it works as a compensation or reward for all these challenges.

Nowadays, options can considerably vary, but a newly common recipe that started to dominate the diet world is the amazing banana shake for weight loss.

Interestingly, you know nothing about bananas!

“What a silly title! What is so mysterious about bananas that a grown-up person or an even a little kid may ignore?”

This is exactly what you say once you read such a title, as I actually have done this before I get enlightened.


Bananas’ homeland

This yellow brownish fruit prevailing vast areas of Asia lands was announced the most second consumed fruit worldwide according to a BBC research on 2017.

Instead, Bananas got the lead in the USA when crowned the Americans’ favorite fruit in 2017 by Statista, one of the world’s most credible window for statistics.

Aside from statistics, bananas are commonly recognized as a tasty sweet fruit, but recipes for cooked bananas are now so popular in many countries and bananas can finally be served as main dishes on the daily meals.

African wine out of bananas

Ironically, bananas, one of the top nutritious fruits for the human body, turned to have been made into wine in some of Africa’s east cultures since ages.

More interestingly, the banana wine industry has witnessed serious attempts for expansion in Banana markets in India and China by 2000s.

Deep inside a banana

Banana’s wonders are not over so far, yet we have to dive deep down the inside of Bananas.

Our beloved fruit is usually referred to as a rich mine of potassium, a metal that decays.

In a chemical sense, bananas are slightly radioactive, but this should never be raised to be a real concern.

As Potassium is essential for the human body for so many aspects, many types of food including bananas supply the body with its need for Potassium.

In order to die of radiation poisoning, you have to eat 10.000.000 bananas at ones, which is rationally not very possible.

One more wonder about bananas, which is our big concern here, is its dietary magical privilege for weight loss seekers.

Conversely, some people have adopted a viewpoint about bananas that the fruit is used to gain weight.

Even much extreme opinions suggest that bananas cause Obesity in some cases.

Seemingly, bananas are not so frank in terms of its correlation with the body weight.

To everyone’s surprise, the tricky fruit works for both weight loss and weight gain as well.

Why do bananas work well for weight loss?

Recently, nutritionists have added a new item on their list for weight loss dietary regimes, bananas recipes.

Soon after a while of being under experiments, bananas have proved their outstanding impact and now are heading up into to the top of these regimes.

Bananas’ content works best for losing weight

First, bananas are so rich with fiber which is a core factor for weight loss. An average banana contains around 4 grams of fiber that is perfectly adequate to slow down digestion, so the body feels full for a longer time.

Like most other fruits, bananas are low-energy-dense. To simplify it, the term is used to describe the amount of energy per a single mass unit of food.

Since Bananas has 75% of free-caloric water and high rate of fiber, a single banana does not supply so much energy to the body.

Saying that, one can eat much without gaining many calories.

The last point brings us back to how it is important for the person in a diet to establish a good level of fullness, wellness and not to feel any restrictions or limits regarding food consumption.

Faraway from its direct contribution to weight loss, bananas aid the body to build muscles, exercise and be active along the day.

Therefore, dietitians advise to include two dry bananas or a cup of banana shake on the morning to kick off the day on the right foot.  

A common misleading opinion about bananas

One reason why people may abandon bananas for weight loss is its content of Carbohydrates.

Indeed, the body requires a certain amount of carbs to survive and do the various daily activities, however, any excess of carbs turns directly to fats and consecutively weight gain.

Within an average banana, there are around 100 calories which are equivalent to around 25 grams of carbs.

Interestingly, some of the carbs inside bananas are indigestible, called resistant starches.

Having been processed, these resistant starches eventually turn into fiber which promotes weight loss as explained earlier.

As for all the reasons mentioned above, bananas recipes have developed a good reputation for their effectiveness for weight loss purposes.

How to best use banana milkshake to lose weight?

One of bananas’ most famous recipes for weight loss is the banana milkshake. The healthy beverage is getting more fans day after day for a variety of reasons.

First of all, the essential ingredients for the banana milkshake are obviously bananas and milk. Seemingly, they are easy to find around and cost almost nothing.

Furthermore, a mixture of bananas and milk supplies a lot to the body. That includes high rates of proteins, potassium, fiber, and calcium that definitely do not lead to fatness.

They assist to maintain blood pressure under control, strengthening muscles as well as a properly functioning digestion.

For the carbs content, the average cup provides around 180 calories. This is relatively low if compared with other beverages and snacks consumed over the day.

One last tip to best exploit banana milkshake for weight loss is to get the recipe free of any other additives other than bananas and milk.

Extras such as sugar and ice cream are usually loaded with more calories. Unluckily, both elements work against the main target of losing weight.

How shall bananas cause weight gain?

From a scientific perspective, the excessive consumption of any type of food may lead to reverse outcomes.

Similarly, bananas have their own way either for weight loss or weight gain. For weight gain, dietitians also recommend bananas under some conditions.

Bananas may result in gaining weight if eaten heavily between meals.  The body already gets its need of carbs usually from the ordinary meals. Hence, the extra carbs of bananas end as fat residuals.

Ironically, banana milkshakes are also prescribed for naturally weight gain.

That is by adding nuts, sugar, and other fruits. These additives load it up with more calories, but simultaneously keep it nutritious for the body.

In a nutshell, bananas work in both ways. All that matters is the diet purpose and the consumption level of bananas.

To wrap up

It is important to think of weight loss in a more positive perspective.

Nowadays, losing weight is no longer associated with compulsory starvation, suffering, depression or waiting so long for the perfect body.

Dietary plans and prescriptions are tremendously accessible and reachable these days whether on the online health-care platforms or offline throughout the experienced dietitians.

I have done my part so far and provided a guide for a very effective dietary plan, Banana shake. The recipe with plain milk is full of rich nutrients. Hence, it guarantees a healthy weight loss as well as optimizing the overall body condition.

Finally, it is crucial to realize that all it takes to get in shape and maintain a healthy body is desire, dedication and most importantly a fresh cup of plain banana milkshake every morning.  

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