3 pounds of Weight Loss Without Diet and exercise

3 pounds of Weight Loss Without Diet and exercise

There are more than one method to lose weight .

Ways for Weight Loss Without Diet, yes it’s possible, what we have today are 7 effective and healthy strategies that will put you on the track of losing weight . You don’t have to do it all at once just pick up one choice and keep on it every day and you will see the result by yourself .

Here are the 10 strategies :

1. 2 snacks with 3 meals .

2 snacks with 2 meals

To weight loss without diet,if you are one of those who skipping breakfast and eat more at lunch or dinner then you need to cut this habit and start a new one. Which is getting your 3 meals every day regularly with taking two snacks to fill in between . Avoid taking snacks after dinner , as this can’t make you sleep well at night and cause problem to your digestive system .

“In order to lose weight, you should never let yourself get too hungry, says Nicole Nichols. Also says “In fact, waiting too long between meals can encourage overeating later, So plan for one to two snacks a day as needed, and you’ll likely eat less and avoid binges later,”

“As far as timing is concerned, the key is to eat your last meal of the day, whether it’s your third or sixth, three to four hours before you go to sleep. If you eat dinner too late, you’ll wake up feeling sluggish and it also dramatically increases your risk of developing acid reflux disease” . says Dr. Jamie Koufman.

2.Stay hydrated (Drink more water) .

drink more water

Being hydrated all the day found as a very effective of weight loss, which prevent you from the hunger feeling . It also help your body to take out toxins and other waste of your system ,which keep your kidneys and your liver properly engaged.

3. Keep on track with your fitness.

fitness tracker

By having fitness tracker in your day it will give you all the data you need to keep on track with your fitness like how many stairs you take, how many step you walk , how much calorie did you ate and how well your sleeping at the end of the day .

4. make your plates filled with superfoods.


Adding superfoods to your daily meals will keep your calories and fat down which makes you feel light and energized .Superfoods containing minerals , vitamins and other nutrients that your body needs also has short-term benefits of weight loss .With filling your plates with superfoods keeps the bad food out of the picture and gives you the benefits to live longer , healthier and happier .

Examples for superfoods : Eggs , tomato sauce , apples , bok choy , salmon and avocados .

5. Do sport .


Some of us find it’s not easy to get motivation to get active and exercise .But you can choose one sport that will make you moving around a lot in order to loss 3 pounds a week until you get the shape of your body that you need to reach on your goal weight .If you get in a sport team, when the time of your game com you will get the motivation to practice and do your training  rather than the individual motivation that you get for going to the gym or going for a run .

6.No sugar.

no sugar

It’s not easy for many of us to cutting out sugar , but it’s so important if you want to lose weight .That’s because sugar is ruin havoc on your glucose levels in your blood which can cause a problem if you stay unchecked , and also increase the fat in your body which is not helpful for your weight loss plan .

We are not saying that you go completely off sugar forever , once you reach the weight that you want you can go back for sugar as small amounts  if you find yourself in need for it any more .

“Not only are we getting added sugar from obvious places like cakes, candy, and soda, but it’s also coming from healthier-sounding packaged products like salad dressing, pasta sauce, and yogurt,” says Elyse Powell (To be clear, by “added sugar” we’re talking about the super-processed sweet stuff you’d add to a batch of cookies, not the natural sugars found in whole fruit, veggies, and plain milk.)

7. Walk an hour per day .


Walking an hour every day will give you its benefit of shaping your body and weight loss .Be sure that you walk one hour and by using the right way of walking you can slim your waist down and shape your legs and bottom .

“Walking is a sociable activity that you can take up at any stage of life and incorporate into your daily routine,” said Joanna Hall. “You don’t have to join a gym and, to be honest, three exercise sessions a week at the gym won’t be anything like as effective as walking actively every day. You also get fresh air and get to enjoy the changing seasons.”

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